In order for you the style of self-made pizza without investing in a big, permanent oven, the portable Roccbox could be the gadget for you.

It’s simple to make sense of the Roccbox as quickly as you open the box – the primary body of the oven comes nestled in neat, partly recyclable packaging (there are some polystrene panels used for protection), then there are the gas and wood attachments and two pizza peels.

The dome-shaped body of the oven is roofed in a matte silicone outer layer (available in gray or green) which looks smart and feels premium.

The restaurant-grade portable pizza oven in your backyard. Cook restaurant quality pizza at the house with Roccbox, designed for ease of use and unrivalled efficiency.

Portable – Take Roccbox anyplace with it’s retractable legs, removable burner and built-in thermometer.

Reaches 500°C – Enjoy unrivalled cooking outcomes created by a thick stone floor, dense insulation and a unique rolling flame.

Gas or wood fuelled – Roccbox comes with a gas burner as normal, and the choice to purchase a detachable wood burner as a further accent.

Safe touch – Host pizza events with the family-pleasant option, thanks to Roccbox’s safe-touch silicone jacket.

Restaurant-grade – Engineered to replicate the performance of Gozney’s professional ovens, utilized by leading chefs and restaurants all over the world.


Professional Grade
Reaches 500ºC

Cook Neapolitan pizza in 60 seconds with Roccbox, the restaurant-grade portable pizza oven in your backyard. Easy to make use of and engineered without compromise for the very best cooking results.


Roccbox’s gas burner is engineered to replicate a real wooden flame, reaching unbelievable temperatures on the flip of a dial. To enjoy the authentic taste and expertise of wood-fired cooking, the optional wood burner accessory is for you. From Neapolitan pizza to wood-roasted steak, Roccbox makes wood-fired cooking easy.

Flame technology

The mix of ceiling peak, dome shape and unique baffle plate technology have been engineered with precision to create the perfect rolling flame. Turbulent, powerful, and reaching for the open door, Roccbox’s extremely engineered flame is precisely what’s required to create even warmth distribution and cook excellent Neapolitan pizza.

Technical Features

External oven dimensions: 413mm W x 531mm L x 473mm
Cooking floor dimensions: 315 x 340mm
Max temperature: 932ºF / 500ºC
Oven weight: 20kg
Fuel Kind: Gas / wood
Body & legs: 304 stainless steel
Cooking floor: Cordierite stone
Insulation: Calcium silicate
Outer jacket: Safe-touch commercial-grade silicone

The price of the product is $469. You can buy it here.

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