Sony ZV-1 II Vlog Digital Camera

Sony Electronics has launched the highly anticipated second generation camera in its ZV series, the ZV-1 II. This new vlog camera, equipped with market-leading features, aims to empower content creators to capture engaging and photogenic storytelling with ease.

At the heart of the ZV-1 II lies a powerful 1.0-type Exmor RS™ image sensor, boasting approximately 20.1 effective megapixels. Combined with the BIONZ X™ image processing engine and the newly developed ZEISS® Vario-Sonnar T* 18-50mm F1.8-4i lens, this camera offers creators of all skill levels sophisticated capabilities and stunning image quality.

One of the standout features of the ZV-1 II is its wider-angle lens compared to its predecessor, the ZV-1. With an 18-50mmii wide angle lens, creators can easily frame everything from group selfies to dynamic everyday scenes, making their vlogs more visually appealing. Additionally, the camera’s Multiple Face Recognitioniii ensures sharp and clear selfies that include two or three people, automatically adjusting to keep all faces in focus.

The ZV-1 II introduces several new and popular features that will enhance content creation:

  • Ultra-wide angle and Zoom: The 18mmii wide angle of view enables capturing attractive, photogenic images of entire scenes, including selfies taken at arm’s length. The 18-50mm optical zoom and Clear Image Zoom provide the flexibility to change the angle of view, adding variety to videos while maintaining image quality.
  • Bokeh Switch with 1.0-type sensor: With a single touch, the Bokeh Switch creates beautiful background bokeh by defocusing the background, allowing the subject to stand out.
  • Intelligent 3-capsule microphone: The camera’s built-in microphone automatically switches direction ([Front] or [All Directions]) based on detected human faces or objects in Auto mode. In Manual mode, users can select different microphone settings to suit their needs, such as [Front] for selfies, [Rear] for narration, or [All Directions]. The supplied windscreen ensures clear audio recordings even in outdoor environments. Furthermore, the camera offers easy cableless attachment to the Multi Interface Shoev and a 3.5mm microphone jack for seamless connection of external microphones.
  • Cinematic Vlog Setting: This function enables creators to capture videos with a filmic look effortlessly. By simply tapping the on-screen function icon, the camera sets a CinemaScope size (2.35:1) vi and a frame rate of 24 fpsvii, similar to that of a cinema movie. Users can then select from five LOOKs and four MOODs to achieve impressive imagery.
  • Creative Look and pro-level imaging features: The ZV-1 II supports 10 preset looksviii, allowing users to choose the style that suits their creative preferences. Additionally, it incorporates pro-level imaging features to enhance the overall image quality.
  • Face Priority AE and Soft Skin Effect: The camera’s Face Priority AE detects faces and adjusts exposure for optimal facial brightness, regardless of the lighting conditions. The Soft Skin Effect smooths skin and facial features during filming, providing a more polished look.
  • Fast Hybrid AF System: The ZV-1 II utilizes the same Fast Hybrid AF system found in Sony’s α series cameras, ensuring sharp focus even in high-definition 4K videos. It offers AF Transition Speed and AF Subject Shift Sensitivity settings to control focusing speed and subject tracking during video recording. Real-time Eye AF accurately maintains focus on both humans and animals, enhancing the quality of stills and movies.
  • Product Showcase Setting: Designed for product review videos, this feature enables smooth focus transitions from the user’s face to the highlighted item, ensuring seamless and professional-looking content.
  • S&Q shoot modeix: The ZV-1 II provides the flexibility to capture slow-motion scenes up to 5x slower or quick-motion scenes up to 60x faster, adding impact to everyday moments. Users can easily adjust the combination of shooting and recording frame rates on a single screen.
  • Wide ISO sensitivity range: With an ISO sensitivity spanning from 125 to 12800, the ZV-1 II excels in low-light conditions, delivering sharp images with minimal noise.
  • Active Mode electronic image stabilization: This feature enables smooth content capture even while walking or in motion, particularly useful for handheld shootingx and Movie and Slow & Quick motion shooting.
  • Built-in ND filter: The ZV-1 II is equipped with a built-in ND filter, reducing exposure by three stops and allowing for beautiful background bokeh even in bright lighting conditions.

The ZV-1 II is designed with portability and usability in mind. Its compact and lightweight body can be easily carried in a pocket or small bag, making it perfect for creators on the go. The vari-angle screen is ideal for capturing selfies, while the user-friendly key and control layoutxi ensures intuitive operation. The recording indicator on the front face of the camera provides a clear visual cue when recording is in progress. Additionally, the ZV-1 II can be conveniently charged via a USB Type-C® connector.

With its impressive array of features and compact design, the Sony ZV-1 II is poised to become the go-to vlogging camera for content creators of all levels, enabling them to capture captivating and high-quality videos effortlessly.

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