Mercedes-AMG E-Scooter

In line with its “electric only” strategy and commitment to a greener future, the renowned brand with the iconic three-pointed star is set to achieve full electrification by the end of this decade. Mercedes-Benz is not only focused on electric vehicles but also aims to provide innovative mobility solutions that enhance the quality of life in urban environments. One such solution, designed for convenient and emission-free travel over short distances, is the highly anticipated Mercedes-AMG E-Scooter. This cutting-edge electric scooter combines outstanding performance, impressive range, top-notch safety features, and a touch of sporty elegance. With its sleek design, foldable structure, and lightweight build, the Mercedes-AMG E-Scooter is perfect for city dwellers, commuters, and even longer journeys.

In collaboration with the Swiss micro-mobility specialist Micro Mobility Systems AG, Mercedes-Benz has created an e-scooter that stands out from the crowd. Powered by a 500-watt electric motor, this matte black beauty accelerates swiftly to a maximum speed of 20 km/h. Setting itself apart from traditional e-scooters, the Mercedes-AMG E-Scooter features a twist grip throttle, offering riders more intuitive and precise control for an enhanced riding experience. Equipped with a powerful 9.6 Ah battery, the scooter boasts an impressive range of up to 40 kilometers, making it an ideal choice for those last-mile journeys through inner-city traffic. Not only does the Mercedes-AMG E-Scooter fulfill the need for flexible and personalized mobility solutions, but it also complements the sophisticated urban lifestyle with its stylish aesthetic.

Safety is a top priority, and the Mercedes-AMG E-Scooter excels in this aspect as well. Its wide deck comes with an anti-slip coating, ensuring a secure and stable footing for riders. The footboard is adorned with the signature #amg rhombuses, adding a touch of elegance to the overall design. Robust rubber wheels with a diameter of 20 cm and adjustable front and rear suspension effortlessly glide over uneven terrains, providing a smooth and comfortable ride. The ergonomically shaped handlebar, featuring telescopic functionality, allows riders of all body sizes to find their ideal riding position. Embellished with the iconic #amg logo, the handlebars also incorporate an integrated bell to alert others in city traffic. The centrally positioned display provides essential information such as speed, battery level, and riding mode, while the Mercedes star beneath the front light completes the harmonious design. The Mercedes-AMG E-Scooter offers multiple braking options, including an electric motor brake on the twist grip, a drum brake at the rear, and a foot brake on the mudguard. Engaging the kinetic recuperation system and recharging the battery is as simple as turning the twist grip forward. Additionally, front and rear lights, along with side reflectors, ensure safe riding even in low-light conditions.

Adding to its versatility, the Mercedes-AMG E-Scooter comes with connectivity features through the Micro App. By utilizing Bluetooth® technology, the scooter seamlessly connects to a smartphone, which can be securely mounted on the handlebars using a dedicated holder. The Micro App provides riders with valuable insights, including real-time data on speed, distance, travel time, and battery charge status. The integrated navigation system guides users along the shortest route to their destination, displayed conveniently on the screen. Moreover, the app allows direct control over various functions of the e-scooter, such as lights and driving modes.

Designed with portability in mind, the Mercedes-AMG E-Scooter incorporates an intuitive foot-operated folding mechanism and foldable handles. This ensures effortless transportation and enables the scooter to fit comfortably in the trunk of a compact car. With a mere weight of 14.7 kg, it is also easily portable on all forms of public transportation.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: Approximately 14.7 kg
  • Dimensions: Length: 1050 mm; Height: 1085 mm; Width: 520 mm (folded: 1050 mm; 320 mm; 145 mm)
  • Motor Power: 500 watts
  • Battery: 9.6 Ah, 450 Wh
  • Range: Approximately 40 km in Eco mode / 25 km in Sport mode
    Maximum Speed: 20 km/h
  • Charging Time: 2.1 – 3.5 hours
  • Tire Size: Front – 200 mm, Rear – 200 mm
  • Brakes: 3 (1 front and 2 rear)
  • Lights: Front and rear
  • Suspension: Front and rear

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