Seiko Astron x Resident Evil: Death Island Limited Edition Watches

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Seiko Watch Corporation has partnered with the creators of Resident Evil to produce limited-edition watches for the upcoming feature-length, fully computer-animated film, Resident Evil: Death Island. The watches feature popular characters from the franchise, Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield, and have been designed with the latest cutting-edge GPS Solar technology by Astron.

The Leon S. Kennedy model showcases an all-black titanium case with a titanium bezel, bearing city codes. Its design exudes a sense of strength and resilience that is characteristic of the character. The watch’s calf leather strap and gray-themed dial complement Leon’s trademark denim and leather jackets, while its ivory-toned LumiBrite ensures visibility in low-light environments.

On the other hand, the Chris Redfield model boasts a tough and imposing build, reflecting the character’s preeminent combat skills. The watch’s titanium case is protected by Seiko’s Super-hard coating, and its all-metal bracelet with a short link pitch ensures stress-free wear. The dial’s grayish-green color, matched to Chris’s uniform in the film, employs an asphalt-themed texture that represents the character’s aggressive side.

The limited-edition models come with exclusive blue-glowing LumiBrite for indexes, second, minute, and hour hands, not found on regular models. Each watch features the Resident Evil: Death Island logo, “Limited Edition,” and a unique serial number from 001/600 to 600/600 inscribed on the back.

The Resident Evil franchise has been loved by fans worldwide for its immersive gameplay and gripping storyline. The collaboration between Seiko and the creators of Resident Evil is a celebration of this rich legacy, bringing fans an exciting new entertainment experience with cutting-edge technology. The limited-edition watches will be a must-have for fans of the franchise and watch collectors alike.

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