Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Flyback Chronograph

Roger Dubuis, the trailblazing watchmaker known for its expressive and high-performance designs, has taken inspiration from the world of motorsport to create its latest masterpiece: the Excalibur Spider Flyback Chronograph. This cutting-edge timepiece combines innovative technology, hyper-tech materials, and a deep-rooted heritage in chronograph craftsmanship. With its debut at the prestigious Goodwood Festival of Speed, Roger Dubuis invites enthusiasts to experience the thrilling convergence of fine watchmaking and supercar engineering.

The RD780 Calibre: Pushing the Boundaries of Chronograph Construction

At the heart of the Excalibur Spider Flyback Chronograph lies the remarkable RD780 flyback chronograph calibre. Unlike traditional approaches, Roger Dubuis has fully integrated this sophisticated complication into the movement, creating a seamless fusion of form and function. The column wheel, a legendary and intricate component, takes center stage at 6 o’clock, not only adding to the watch’s technical value but also enhancing the smooth operation of the pushers. The vertical clutch and the innovative Second Braking System (SBS) further optimize precision and stability, offering wearers an unparalleled chronograph experience.

Precision Meets Playful Design

Roger Dubuis’ attention to detail is evident in the Excalibur Spider Flyback Chronograph’s unconventional and joyful design elements. The patented 120° Rotating Minute Counter (RMC) at 3 o’clock features a radical isotoxal shape and a tripartite hand that rotates past the digits with precise accuracy. This unique feature adds a playful touch while maintaining exceptional legibility.

Performance for the Modern Lifestyle

Beyond its exquisite craftsmanship, the Excalibur Spider Flyback Chronograph caters to the demands of modern life. With a power reserve of 72 hours, enhanced shock resistance, and an innovative balance wheel tilted at 12°, the watch ensures accurate timekeeping in the face of everyday challenges. The diamond-coated silicon escapement wheel and pallet-stones provide exceptional anti-magnetic properties, further enhancing the timepiece’s reliability and durability.

Dynamic Design and Materials

The 45mm case of the Excalibur Spider Flyback Chronograph showcases a harmonious blend of lightweight carbon and scratch-resistant ceramic, reminiscent of supercar construction. The multi-dimensional design with its floating tachymeter scale, raised seconds hand, and lower date display creates an immersive visual experience that reveals new details from every angle. Even the rotor pays homage to motorsport with its five-arm shape, reminiscent of a supercar’s wheel rims.

Unveiling at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

As the Official Timing Partner of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Roger Dubuis has chosen this prestigious event to introduce the Excalibur Spider Flyback Chronograph to the world. From July 13th to July 16th, visitors can immerse themselves in the fusion of hyper horology and supercar invention at Roger Dubuis’ booth and the Drivers’ Club. The unveiling promises an adrenaline-fueled experience where the boundaries between fine watchmaking and motorsport blur.

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