Casio Computer Co., Ltd. has unveiled its latest masterpiece, the ECB-40MU, which marks a thrilling collaboration between the renowned EDIFICE line and MUGEN, the illustrious Honda Works brand. With a shared vision of “Speed and Intelligence,” this limited edition timepiece embodies the essence of motorsports and showcases the rich heritage of both brands.

A Celebration of 50 Years: MUGEN x EDIFICE

MUGEN, the powerhouse behind Honda’s motorsports endeavors, is commemorating its 50th anniversary through this special partnership with EDIFICE. Having supported MUGEN since their joint venture in the motorcycle endurance race of 1985, Casio is delighted to bring this unique collaboration to life. The ECB-40MU is an ode to both MUGEN’s extraordinary achievements and the captivating world of motorsports.

Aesthetically Striking Design

The ECB-40MU features MUGEN’s signature colors of white, red, gold, and black, elegantly displayed on the dial, band loop, and band stitching against a sleek black background. Paying homage to the spirit of MUGEN, the band proudly showcases the iconic Eye Commander logo. Notably, the bezel is engraved with the distinctive font found on MUGEN’s shift knobs, further emphasizing the collaboration’s attention to detail. These exclusive design elements make the ECB-40MU a truly distinctive timepiece, befitting its limited edition status.

Crafted for Performance

In line with the motorsports inspiration, the ECB-40MU boasts a carbon fiber-reinforced resin case and a four-lug design inspired by formula race car suspensions. The band, made from Alcantara, a durable and breathable material often found in sports car interiors, ensures both comfort and endurance. This timepiece perfectly marries style with functionality, capturing the essence of motorsports in its every detail.

Seamless Connectivity and Advanced Features

Equipped with Mobile Link features, the ECB-40MU can seamlessly connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth®. This connectivity allows for automatic time correction, simplifying the process of setting world time and accessing various functions. Additionally, the watch offers practical features such as the Schedule Timer, which syncs with your smartphone’s calendar app to conveniently display scheduled activities on the watch’s LCD screen. Embracing innovation, this collaboration timepiece ensures you stay connected and organized while immersing yourself in the world of motorsports.

The Future of EDIFICE

With the release of the ECB-40MU, EDIFICE solidifies its commitment to capturing the thrill of motorsports through captivating collaborations and exciting product offerings. By pushing boundaries and embracing cutting-edge technology, EDIFICE continues to redefine the landscape of high-performance timepieces.

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