Richard Mille RM 35-03 Automatic Rafa Nadal

In the realm of luxury timepieces, Richard Mille has long championed the belief that a watch should not only be a stylish accessory but also a reliable companion adaptable to any situation. Inspired by the iconic RM 027 Tourbillon watches sported by tennis legend Rafa Nadal on the courts, the RM 035 Collection, fondly dubbed the ‘baby Nadal’ series, embodies a fusion of cutting-edge technology and unwavering performance. Crafted to be worn without restraint, it’s a timepiece that promises no compromises.

After three years of intensive development, Richard Mille unveils the RM 35-03 Automatic Rafael Nadal, marking the fourth iteration in the RM 035 Collection. At its heart lies the innovative ‘butterfly rotor,’ a groundbreaking winding mechanism granting wearers direct control over the automatic movement’s energy intake. This patented creation introduces a novel way for users to engage with their timepiece across diverse scenarios.

The Calibre RMAL2, a skeletonized automatic-winding movement, powers the RM 35-03, boasting functionalities like hours, minutes, seconds, the patented butterfly rotor, sport mode, and a function selector. Constructed with a baseplate and bridges made of grade 5 titanium, treated with black PVD and electroplasma finishes, the assembly ensures robustness and precise surface flatness, pivotal for flawless gear train functionality. Rigorous validation tests have been conducted to optimize stress resistance, guaranteeing top-notch performance.

The highlight innovation, the butterfly rotor, is a Richard Mille exclusive, offering wearers the ability to adjust the rotor’s geometry themselves, tailoring the movement’s winding to suit their lifestyle and activities. Comprising two weights in grade 5 titanium and metal, these weights, in their default position, cause a radial displacement, facilitating the necessary torque for barrel winding. A simple push on the 7 o’clock pusher activates the ‘SPORT MODE,’ deploying the weights at 180°, re-centering the rotor’s gravity, thus ceasing excessive winding.

This pioneering design grants users the ability to optimize the movement’s winding mechanism on demand. An ON/OFF indicator at 6 o’clock visually communicates the rotor’s activation status, providing users with essential information.

The rotor specifications reveal meticulous craftsmanship, employing grade 5 titanium arms, metal weight segments, ceramic ball bearings, and unidirectional anti-clockwise winding for superior efficiency.

Resonating with the functionality of a car’s gearbox, a function selector at 2 o’clock allows users to seamlessly switch between winding, neutral, and hand-setting modes with a simple press. A hand display at 2 o’clock indicates the selected function.

The case, a marvel in Carbon TPT® and Quartz TPT®, boasts a distinct appearance with elegant striations resulting from multiple layers of parallel filaments of carbon fibers or silica threads. Water-resistant up to 50 meters, the case is meticulously assembled using 20 spline screws in grade 5 titanium and abrasion-resistant washers in 316L stainless steel, secured by two Nitrile O-ring seals.

The dial, featuring open-worked hands and a microblasted grade 5 titanium flange adorned with slanting numerals, exudes elegance while emphasizing the technical prowess of the RM 35-03 Rafael Nadal.

Richard Mille’s RM 35-03 Automatic Rafael Nadal transcends conventional timepiece boundaries, embodying a marriage of innovation and high-performance engineering, setting a new standard in horological craftsmanship.

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