Prada Cloudbust Thunder High-Top Sneakers

Among the newly released products of the famous luxury brand, “Prada Cloudbust Thunder high-top sneakers” are in line with the other shoes of the series. The shoes, which have a modern design, are offered for sale in black.

Made of Re-Nylon, a sustainable regenerated fabric produced from recycled plastic collected in the ocean, the shoe is enhanced by the iconic lug sole that gives it a contemporary accent. Product Price $1350

Prada Cloudbust Thunder High-Top Sneakers Features

  • Re-Nylon Gabardine fabric
  • Rubber details with three-dimensional design
  • Injected rubber Prada Milano logo on the front part of the tongue
  • Laces
  • Light EVA lug sole
  • 50mm heel
  • Removable leather-covered insole

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