Casio G-Shock “Adventurer’s Stone”

Casio G-Shock “Adventurer’s Stone” shock-resistant models are inspired by the stones ( During voyages, the stones’ light-refracting properties, even on cloudy days, were used as a compass to determine the position of the sun.) known to adventurers as useful compasses since the Middle Ages. The G-SHOCK brand concept of continuous innovation inspires people to take on new challenges, and the design of this line is based on the value that these stones have always had to people seeking adventure.

The watches’ metal bezels are forged and textured to reproduce the rough feel of stone. The textured surface is also honed, while the top and sides are treated with hairline and mirror finishes, bringing out a crystalline beauty. Each inspired by a different type of stone, the bezel is treated with one of many different colorful ion platings to reproduce the look of that particular mineral and the unique way it shines depending on the light and cross-section of the stone. Each model’s band is designed to complement the bezel.

As befits an anniversary model, the anniversary logo is engraved on the case back, there are four stars for 40 on the band loop, and the phrase “SINCE 1983” appears on the dial.

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