Panboo Cookware

The Panboo cookware series is not only sustainable but also future-proof, thanks to its excellent quality and rigorous production approach, as well as the cutting-edge Pirotech material.

Italian design frequently appears to strike the perfect mix between cutting-edge technology and innovation and exquisite aesthetics. A good example is the Panboo cookware range. Being created in Italy, The Panboo collection is manufactured there as well. The company needs 36 hours to make each pot or pan. To put things in perspective, a normal piece of cookware created with standard cast or pressing techniques takes only seconds to make.

The Panboo cookware series, designed by Milan-based designer Attila Veress and chef Davide Oldani, combines cutting-edge technology with a simple and functional design to provide a long-lasting cookware solution. Indeed, Panboo is unlike any other cookware on the market right now.

That’s because these casseroles and pots are made of Pirotech, a brand-new material that replaces metal and ceramic. And the collection comes with a long list of advantages. The collection is a bio-based cookware line that is both innovative and eco-friendly, and it was developed over the course of 5 years in partnership with designer Attila Veress and engineers and materials specialists.

The proprietary material is made of carbon and is derived from plants, making it completely natural and non-toxic. The material is environmentally beneficial and safe to use, as well as totally recyclable because it is derived from organic and renewable sources such as bamboo, a fast-growing plant. The collection’s design prioritizes functionality without sacrificing aesthetics. The pots and pans are simple and attractive, with ergonomic handles and stylish curves.

A saucepan, two casseroles with covers, and two pans are included in the set. Many chefs selec the sizes of the pots and pans to meet all of the cooks’ demands. Furthermore, because the cookware may be used with any heating source, the series eliminates the need for separate pots for different cooking surfaces. This results in less kitchen clutter and a more functional and optimal cookware selection.

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