Alfredo Wooden Bicycles

Alfredo Wooden Bicycles is the coming together of artisan tradition, an inspirational cycling legend and a quest for beauty with functionality.

Our wooden framed bicycles are made entirely by hand without recourse to automatic machinery, respecting the time and care this ancient material calls for.

Everything about Alfredo Wooden Bicycles aims to unite tradition with the future: three generations of expert carpenters, a passion for bicycles that has been handed down, an ancient material, wood, which is also at the forefront of environmental sustainability.

Cittiglio, just a stone’s throw from Lake Maggiore in northern Italy is the town where Alfredo Binda was born in 1902 and, for those like us, who grew up with a passion for cycling, this is a source of pride. We wanted to pay tribute to him by gathering a story from the past and projecting it into the future.

Our bicycles are guaranteed for life. With an Alfredo you will have something that is unique, high performance and a work of art to be handed down.

The Alfredo Wooden Bicycles project was born in 2017, in the course of restoring a villa that once belonged to Alfredo Binda. It came about as a result of a meeting between Nicolò Cellina, an architect from a family of carpenters who also has a history as a cyclist, and Michele De Benedictis, a marketing graduate and owner of the villa undergoing restoration in Cittiglio, birthplace of one of the greatest cyclists of all time.

Alfredo Wooden Bicycles is the culmination of many years of experience producing wooden framed bikes, a profound love of “two wheels” and a pursuit of elegance and functionality.

In choosing names for our Alfredo models our inspiration came from Alfredo Binda’s world championship victories. Each model is presented in three possible configurations – Comfort, Gran Turismo and Performance – which bring together carefully chosen elements.

Our clients also have the option to select their choice of frame or customize components from within our range.

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