On Cloudsurfer Running Shoe

On has recently released their latest innovation in shoe technology – the Cloudsurfer. This shoe boasts a new and patented CloudTec Phase™ technology that has been developed through the use of FEA digital analysis tool. This tool was used to simulate, iterate, and validate research data to ensure that the CloudTec Phase™ technology would provide optimal construction and geometry for revolutionary cushioning and stride transition.

The Cloudsurfer is also a shoe that is designed with sustainability in mind. On has used the Dope-Dyeing process to save 95% of the water used to dye the upper of the shoe. Furthermore, since the CloudTec Phase™ technology does not incorporate a Speedboard® plate, less material is needed for the midsole, making the shoe more eco-friendly. The polyester used in the shoe is 100% recycled, bringing the total recycled material in the shoe to 30%.

One of the most impressive features of the Cloudsurfer is the running feel that it provides. The CloudTec Phase™ technology combined with a Helion™ foam sole ensures that the Clouds compress and interlock perfectly, like a domino, throughout the foot’s roll, providing a smooth stride and proper energy return. This shoe is perfect for runners who want a comfortable and smooth ride during their runs.

In terms of the specifications, the Cloudsurfer weighs 245g (EU M 42) and 205g (EU W 38) and has a drop of 10mm. It is priced at 169,95€, making it a great option for runners who are looking for a high-quality shoe that is also eco-friendly.

The On Cloudsurfer is an excellent option for runners who want a shoe that is both comfortable and sustainable. The CloudTec Phase™ technology provides an unparalleled running experience, and the eco-friendly features make it a great choice for those who are concerned about their impact on the environment. With its impressive features and specifications, the Cloudsurfer is sure to be a hit with runners of all levels.

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