Nike Run Division Aerogami Jacket

When it comes to meeting the needs of runners, Nike’s Explore Team (NXT) and Sport Research Lab (NSRL) consistently push the boundaries of innovation. Their latest creation, the Nike Run Division Aerogami Jacket, showcases the revolutionary Aerogami apparel technology. This groundbreaking technology provides on-demand ventilation, making your running gear more breathable and adaptable to your body’s changing needs throughout your workout.

Unleashing the Power of Aerogami

Aerogami is a cutting-edge venting system designed to enhance your performance. This unique technology intelligently adjusts itself based on your body’s requirements, ensuring optimal ventilation when you warm up, sweat, and cool down. The secret lies in the tiny winged vents strategically placed across the chest and back of the Nike Run Division Aerogami Jacket — key areas where runners tend to heat up and sweat the most.

How It Works

The vents on the Aerogami Jacket react to your sweat, opening up as perspiration accumulates against your skin. This responsive mechanism facilitates improved airflow, allowing sweat to escape and keeping you feeling fresh and comfortable. As your body cools down and the sweat dries, the vents seamlessly close back up. This impressive capability stems from a moisture-reactive film applied to the vents, which automatically expands and contracts upon sensing sweat against your body.

Gender-Specific Design

Nike recognizes the unique needs of both male and female athletes. Informed by extensive testing in the NSRL’s environmental chambers and insightful data visualization from runners’ heat and sweat maps, the vent placement on the Aerogami Jacket differs between the women’s and men’s versions. For example, vents on the women’s jacket are strategically positioned around the area where a sports bra sits, ensuring an optimized fit and enhanced ventilation tailored to their specific requirements.

Innovative Style and Protection

The Nike Run Division Aerogami Jacket seamlessly combines performance and style. Not only does it incorporate the game-changing Aerogami technology, but it also features Nike’s Storm-FIT ADV material — their pinnacle performance-apparel fabric. This advanced material offers unparalleled protection against wind and rain, shielding you from the elements as you conquer your runs.

A Journey Towards Enhanced Performance

Nike’s Senior Apparel Innovation Product Manager, Jahan Behbahany, highlights that the development of Aerogami stems from Nike’s dedication to solving the timeless needs of runners. The common challenge of feeling too warm, uncomfortable, and distracted while wearing a running jacket has been meticulously addressed. The Nike Run Division Aerogami Jacket ensures increased breathability without compromising on style and protection. Athletes not only feel the benefits of this technology but can also witness its effectiveness.

Release Details

Exciting news for all running enthusiasts! The women’s Nike Run Division Aerogami Jacket is set to release in July 2023 on and at select retailers, followed by the men’s version later this fall. Prepare to revolutionize your running experience and embrace the innovation of Aerogami.

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