Nike EK Umoja Collection

Discover Nike athlete Eliud Kipchoge’s unique perspective on running as a sport that fosters community and connection, as we delve into the EK Umoja Collection. With over two decades of competing at the highest level, Kipchoge and Nike are united in their mission to redefine human potential through running.

EK Umoja Collection Overview

The EK Umoja Collection, inspired by the Swahili word for unity, “Umoja,” is a testament to the collaborative efforts of the global running family. This collection features five remarkable Nike running footwear styles: the Nike Alphafly 2, Nike Vaporfly 3, Nike Zoom Fly 5, Pegasus 40, and Nike Victory track spike. Complementing these shoes are stylish apparel pieces, including the Nike Windrunner jacket, Nike Rise 365 tee, Nike Stride 7-inch short, and a Nike Dri-FIT tee.

A Tribute to Kipchoge’s Legacy

Each item in the collection pays homage to Eliud Kipchoge’s illustrious racing career, starting with his first World Championship victory in the 5,000 meters in Paris back in 2003. The recurring red color symbolizes Kipchoge’s Kenyan heritage and the Nike Kenya kit he wore during his inaugural gold medal win. Look closely, and you’ll find the official time of his 2003 5,000-meter victory, 12:52.79, featured on sock liners and select apparel items. Kipchoge’s personal mantra, “No Human is Limited,” is elegantly inscribed in his handwriting on the medial midsole of each shoe and adorns every piece of apparel. The Dri-FIT tee showcases a thought-provoking quote that embodies Kipchoge’s optimistic outlook on life: “Let us imagine that we are in a garden. Let us focus on the flowers and not the weeds.”

Eliud Kipchoge’s Remarkable Achievements

Eliud Kipchoge’s achievements in the world of running are second to none. He achieved a monumental feat as part of Nike’s Breaking2 project by becoming the first and only person to complete a marathon in under two hours. Kipchoge also holds the world record for the marathon and boasts an impressive record of 10 World Marathon Major titles. With four Olympic appearances since Athens 2004, he has consistently medaled in each competition.

Fostering Unity in the Running Community

Despite his elite status, Eliud Kipchoge remains dedicated to using his fame to introduce more individuals to the joys and benefits of running. He understands the profound bonds that running can create within a community. Together, Nike and Kipchoge share a common goal of transforming the world into a running world, one that promotes health, peace, and joy. As Kipchoge aptly puts it, “A running world is a healthy world. A running world is a peaceful world. A running world is a joyful world.”

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