Mono Cabin

Drop Structures is based out of Alberta, Canada, and its signature 157-square-foot Mono has floor-to-roof windows that allow you to really feel one with nature. As its name would suggest, as soon as your tiny house is all built, it will get dropped off on the location you need, able to be lived in that same day.

There’s sufficient interior space for a bed, desk, and chair, though extras like a small kitchen and bathroom may be added at extra cost. Different choices embrace totally different window placement, glass walls, skylights, fold-away beds, lofts, customized cabinetry, solar power, and more.

Mono Cabin is the end result of years of engineering and design, with each detail meticulously planned, and every material tirelessly sourced. The little retreat measures 9 feet wide, 12 feet high, and 16 feet across, including a four-foot, covered deck. These measurements are intentional, as they require no permits in most of North America. The compact structure makes use of a single-engineered truss frame that makes it able to withstand harsh weather, from heavy snow to downpours, to heat.

Mono Cabin Features

157sq/ft, 10’ wide x 16’ long x 11’ tall
(6) LED Pot lights, (4) interior receptacles
Standing seam metal exterior – maintenance-free
Smoke & carbon alarm
Passive Vent
Electrical heater
R-24 walls, ceiling, and ground
Integrated steel base
Black trim covers on all interior features
Drywall interior
Luxurious Vinyl Ground
Cedar wrapped deck
Data Port & CAT6 cable

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