Lofree Block Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

In a world dominated by complex designs and cluttered features, the Lofree Block Wireless Mechanical Keyboard stands out with its timeless aesthetic and optimized functionality. Inspired by the legendary Braun design elements, this keyboard embodies the philosophy of “Less is More, Less is Better.” With smooth volume control knobs, an intuitive status panel, self-lubricated switches, and a whisper-quiet typing experience, the Lofree Block aims to reconnect users with the purity and simplicity of classic design.

Recalling Design Classics

Lofree, as a designer brand, strives to uncover the true meaning of “Less is More.” Drawing inspiration from design classics, the Lofree Block Keyboard merges minimalist geometric shapes with a sense of inner peace. The inclusion of two round knobs, including the striking Hermès orange, not only adds vibrancy but also provides a nostalgic radio-like experience when adjusting volume and connection settings.

Streamlined Functionality

At Lofree, practicality takes precedence. The keyboard features a minimalist status panel that eliminates confusion, displaying the lock state of the Numpad and caps. Additionally, users can effortlessly identify the connected device and check the remaining power indicator. By using intuitive key combinations, users can seamlessly switch between various lighting effects, achieving a harmonious and unified minimalist aesthetic.

Enhancing Typing Experience

Lofree’s commitment to a superior typing experience is evident in the attention given to sound foundations. The keyboard incorporates a self-designed stabilizer, IPXE, and foam padding between the switches and PCBA (printed circuit board assembly), effectively dampening the sound of each keystroke. Furthermore, the use of Poron material reduces cavity sound between the PCBA and the bottom case, resulting in a truly quiet typing experience.

Durable and Customizable Switches

The Lofree Block utilizes Full-POM switches, custom-made by TTC, renowned for their exceptional quality. The switches are made from POM material, which is self-lubricating, ensuring smoothness and durability. Lofree has also electroplated the shrapnel and terminal, while silver-plating the 22mm spring, further enhancing the overall performance and longevity of the switches. Moreover, the Block is hot-swappable, allowing users to easily replace or upgrade switches without the need for soldering.

Seamless Connectivity and Long-lasting Battery Life

With compatibility across multiple platforms, including Mac/iOS, Android, and Windows 8/10, the Lofree Block effortlessly connects to various devices such as iPads, iPhones, laptops, and PCs, supporting up to three devices in Bluetooth mode. The generous battery life offers up to 10 hours of continuous typing with the backlight on and an impressive 80 hours with the backlight off. A fully charged battery takes only 2.5 hours, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

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