Keychron Q5 Pro Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

The Keychron Q5 Pro allows you to connect wirelessly to up to three devices simultaneously via stable Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 technology. Seamlessly switch between your laptop, phone, and tablet, making multitasking a breeze. Whether you use Mac or Windows devices, the Q5 Pro offers full compatibility for both operating systems. When you need a reliable wired connection, the USB Type-C option is readily available.

Meticulously crafted using 6063 aluminum, this keyboard undergoes a painstaking 24-stage manufacturing process that includes CNC machining, polishing, anodizing, and sandblasting. The result is a solid metal piece of art that exudes sophistication and durability. Every component of the keyboard is designed for easy assembly, allowing you to customize and adjust each element to create your ultimate typing experience.

Double Gasket Design

In addition to gaskets on the plates, silicone pads are incorporated between the top and bottom cases. This ingenious design significantly reduces sound resonance between metals and minimizes the noise caused by impacts. Prepare to experience the next level of key sounds and comfort with the gasket mount design, complemented by a flexible PC (Polycarbonate) plate. This combination maintains the gasket structure’s flexibility while enhancing the overall typing sound.

Powerful Performance

Equipped with an ultra-low-power ARM Cortex-M4 32-bit STM32L432 chip (MCU) boasting 128K Flash, the Keychron Q5 Pro offers developers enhanced flexibility. The keyboard has a default polling rate of 1000 Hz on wired mode (90 Hz on wireless mode), ensuring minimal latency even during competitive gaming sessions. Say goodbye to noticeable delays and enjoy a seamless typing experience.

Enhanced Keycaps and System Compatibility

The Keychron Q5 Pro is designed to enhance the creative workflow of Mac users while remaining fully compatible with Windows devices. It comes with a system toggle and an additional set of customized keycaps for both Windows and macOS systems. Save two different layouts on the keyboard, one for each system, and seamlessly switch between them. Additionally, the Keychron spherical-angle (KSA profile) double-shot keycap set features premium non-backlight shine-through PBT material. These keycaps are oil-resistant, durable, and designed for long-term use.

Versatile Rotary Encoder

To further elevate your typing experience, the Keychron Q5 Pro incorporates an aluminum rotary encoder. This versatile knob can be easily customized to perform various commands such as zooming in/out, adjusting screen brightness, brush size, volume control, selecting video clips or photos, or changing backlight hue. Tailor your keyboard to your specific needs and enjoy newfound convenience.

Seamless Integration with VIA

While the VIA code for the Q5 Pro awaits approval from Github, the keyboard is not yet automatically recognized. However, you can easily set up the keymap by downloading the appropriate keymap JSON file (ANSI or ISO) and using VIA. Simply turn on the “Show Design tab” on the “Settings” tab, then drag the JSON file into the “Design” tab in VIA to get your Q5 Pro keymap working flawlessly with VIA.

Unparalleled Customization

The Keychron Q5 Pro empowers you to personalize every aspect of your typing experience. With hot-swappable switch functionality, you can effortlessly swap out switches without soldering. Compatible with a wide range of 3-pin and 5-pin MX style mechanical switches from renowned brands like Cherry, Gateron, Kailh, and more, you can fine-tune your keyboard to your exact preferences in seconds.

Superior Stability with PCB-Mounted Stabilizers

Keychron understands that even the smallest details matter when it comes to fingertip feel. That’s why the Q5 Pro incorporates PCB-mounted screw-in stabilizers. These stabilizers ensure a smoother typing experience with reduced wobbliness, particularly on larger keys such as the space bar, shift, enter, and delete keys. For those who desire additional customization, you can even choose and install your favorite stabilizers.

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