Leica Cine 1 x Kettnaker SOMA Lowboard

In a groundbreaking collaboration unveiled at imm cologne 2023, renowned furniture manufacturer Kettnaker and optical technology giant Leica have provided a sneak peek into the future of multimedia entertainment. Their joint venture introduces an innovative piece of high-tech furniture – a lowboard – destined to redefine the integration of large TV sets into living spaces while maintaining a sleek and iconic design.

This cutting-edge multimedia furniture, currently in the developmental phase and slated for release in 2024, comprises three pivotal components: the Kettnaker SOMA lowboard, an integrated screen, and the revolutionary Cine 1 Cinema TV by Leica. With this pioneering prototype, Kettnaker and Leica aim to tackle the challenge posed by the ever-expanding size of TV sets and how to seamlessly incorporate them into modern living areas.

The Solution for Integrating Expansive Screens Stylishly

The Kettnaker and Leica collaborative lowboard presents an elegant solution to the burgeoning sizes of TV screens, a challenge increasingly faced when harmonizing technology with living space design. Expected to make its debut at imm cologne in January 2024, this innovation effortlessly transforms into a projection screen of up to 120 inches, providing optimal entertainment experiences. Moreover, the furniture’s design allows for the showcasing of art, photography, or wall decorations behind the screen, which can be fully displayed when the screen is not in use.

A Fusion of Masterful Brands

This powerful partnership draws upon the synergy derived from the convergence of two distinctive and successful companies. Kettnaker, celebrated for its impeccable craftsmanship and design finesse, collaborates with Leica, renowned for its precision and technological prowess, to craft the media board of the future.

The Versatile Classic: SOMA Base by Kettnaker

At the heart of this innovative lowboard lies Kettnaker’s renowned SOMA furniture system, offering unparalleled adaptability through its innovative magnetic exchange system. This flexibility ensures that the furniture piece seamlessly integrates with various interior designs even after extended periods.

Inspiration from Meisterkreis – Luxury Crafted in Germany

The genesis of this collaboration stems from a meeting within the Meisterkreis, an association comprising Germany’s premier companies. This exceptional partnership between Kettnaker and Leica is set to establish new benchmarks in the realm of multimedia entertainment.

Redefining Home Entertainment’s Future

The innovative lowboard conceived by Kettnaker and Leica promises to redefine the landscape of home entertainment. Anticipation mounts for the full unveiling of this unique multimedia furniture at imm cologne in January 2024.

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