K2 Recon 120 BOA Men’s Ski Boots

K2 has unveiled its latest offering for ski enthusiasts, the Recon 120 BOA Men’s Ski Boots. These boots boast of a BOA Fit System, delivering a highly adjustable and snug fit to ensure a comfortable and performance-enhancing ski experience.

The boots come with a redesigned lower cuff and shell, providing a better “wrap” and even pressure distribution across the foot. Say goodbye to traditional pain hotspots caused by overtightened buckles, as the Recon 120 BOA boots feature a micro-adjustable fit, even pressure distribution, and an unmatched heel hold.

The boots have a MultiFit last that ranges from 97mm to 104mm, accommodating a wide range of feet without the need for separate low and mid-volume fits. The heat-moldable liner provides a perfect balance between comfort and support, and the internal and external J-Bars ensure proper heel hold. The toebox is seamless, making the fitting process smooth and hassle-free.

K2 has also incorporated customizable heel inserts, allowing skiers to fine-tune the feel of their boots. The boot board inside the Recon 120 BOA comes with a rigid and responsive heel insert, while a softer Harshmellow insert is also included for more impact absorption.

The new Recon 120 BOA Men’s Ski Boots are set to take the ski industry by storm, elevating K2’s reputation as the leader in performance ski boots.

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