Faction Collective Prodigy 3 Antti Ltd. Limited Edition

The Prodigy 3 Antti Ltd. is a limited-edition signature ski that was created to celebrate Antti Ollila’s place in freeskiing as one of its most talented and stylish individuals. This ski features a unique micro-cap construction that combines the best of both worlds, a premium sandwich sidewall construction, and lightweight and durable cap construction. This design provides stability in front of and behind the binding area, resulting in solid edge hold, while the smooth and progressive flex in the tips and tails make it easier to absorb bumps and snow debris on the mountain.

The ski is constructed with a poplar core, which is a light-colored and durable softwood known for its ability to flex and pop nicely, as well as absorb vibrations. The elliptical sidecut, which features a longer radius underfoot and shorter radii in the tip and tail, allows for a wide range of turn lengths, angles, and mounting positions. The twin tip tail encourages playfulness and freestyle riding, making it possible to ride the switch without any problems.

This ski is made in a cutting-edge production facility that operates on 100% renewable electrical power and uses biomass for heating. This eliminates the use of oil and results in an annual CO2 emissions reduction of 10 million kilograms. The production process has also been optimized to reduce waste and carbon emissions by mixing scraps of base, sidewall, and top sheet material into the raw material used for production. This ensures that the skis are made to the same level of quality and durability, while also reducing carbon emissions.

The Prodigy 3 Antti Ltd. is a high-performance ski that provides stability and solid edge hold, making it easier to initiate and finish turns on the mountain. Its eco-friendly production process makes it a responsible choice for the environment.

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