JVC LX-NZ30 4K UHD/HDR Home Theatre Projector

The JVC LX-NZ30 is a powerful 4K UHD/HDR home theatre projector that delivers a good viewing experience. With its cutting-edge laser light source technology BLU-Escent, the projector produces a brightness of 3,300 lumens, which means you can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows without having to draw the curtains. Moreover, the lamp life of the projector is an impressive 20,000 hours, so you don’t have to worry about replacing the lamp anytime soon.

The JVC LX-NZ30 is not just about stunning picture quality. The low latency in combination with the 1080p240Hz input makes gaming on this projector an absolute delight. The 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) and HDR (HDR10/HLG) compatibility ensure that every frame is clear and vivid, with the subtlest gradations and the most vibrant colors. The projector supports 4K/60p, 4:4:4/36bit, 4K/60p 4:2:2/36bit, and 4K/24p 4:4:4/36bit signals, so you can enjoy your content in the highest quality.

Connectivity is not an issue with the JVC LX-NZ30, which comes with a range of ports, including Display Port in, HDMI x2 with HDCP2.3 support, USB Type C, USB Type A (1.5 A power supply), RS-232, LAN, and Trigger (12 V). The projector also features JVC’s original “Auto Tone Mapping” function, which allows you to enjoy various HDR10 content with the best image quality without any difficult adjustments.

The JVC LX-NZ30 features a 0.47-inch DMD for bright high-definition 4K images and dynamic contrast ratio. The “Auto Tone Mapping” function ensures that you get pristine HDR10 picture quality. The projector is compatible with HDMI standards (4K/60P 4:4:4) and HDCP 2.3. The wide lens shift function (+/-60% vertical, +/-23% horizontal) and the 1.6x high-resolution lens make it easy to adjust the image to suit your preferences.

The JVC LX-NZ30 is available in two colors – black and white. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a cinematic experience at home. Whether you’re a movie buff or a gamer, the JVC LX-NZ30 is sure to impress you with its exceptional picture quality, low latency, and versatility.

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