Isotope Hydrium Revuelta: The Fusion of Architecture and Horology

Isotope Watches, in collaboration with acclaimed architect Luis Revuelta, AIA 2007 Architect of the Year, presents the remarkable Hydrium Amarillo (yellow) and Hydrium Azul (blue) watches.

Luis Revuelta’s journey in architecture has been a source of inspiration for these exquisite timepieces. The yellow-and-black combination, which he discovered during his studies, not only delivers a visually strong impact but also holds personal significance. It served as a symbol of robust heavy equipment like International Harvesting and Caterpillar, as well as the speed of iconic vehicles like Porsche and Ferrari. Additionally, the yellow color acted as a visual boost during countless all-nighters, evoking a sense of happiness in late hours, while also helping to bring order to his workspace amidst clutter.

However, Luis Revuelta didn’t stop there. Embracing blue as an alternative, he found it to be elegant and unique, standing out from the typical black dials. The soothing nature of blue reminded him of the Caribbean waters, his birthplace of Cuba, and the Miami sky, his adopted home. It provided a counterbalance to the energetic yellow gadgets that surrounded him, offering a sense of tranquillity.

These unique design inspirations found their way into the Hydrium Amarillo and Hydrium Azul watches. The Hydrium Amarillo boasts a shimmering yellow dial, while the Hydrium Azul features a captivating matte blue. The Swiss Landeron movement ensures precise timekeeping, while the elegant 40mm bead-blasted stainless steel case perfectly complements the vibrant yellow and blue tones, making these watches versatile for all seasons and styles.

The limited editions of 50 + 50 watches by Luis Revuelta are truly extraordinary, representing the seamless convergence of architectural mastery and horological artistry. The Hydrium Amarillo is an exclusive limited edition of only 50 pieces, with only 10 available for immediate delivery and the remaining 40 to be available mid-July.

Technical specifications further enhance the allure of these timepieces. With a micro-blasted 316L stainless steel case, individually numbered, and a uni-directional bezel with 120 clicks, the watches exude a sharp, tough, and reliable appearance. The anti-reflective crystal sapphire ensures optimal legibility, while the Hydrium® screw-down exhibition case back adds a touch of elegance.

If you’re a diving enthusiast, these watches are ideal for you. With a water resistance of 300m / 30 atm / 1000 ft, the yellow dials on grey or black cases deliver exceptional legibility and a rugged appearance.

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