Husqvarna Motorcycles – Skutta

The Skutta boasts a contemporary and sophisticated design, coupled with superior functionality derived from its premium-quality components. Crafted with a lightweight aluminum chassis, its standout feature lies in a patented flat-folding mechanism, enabling effortless carrying, maneuvering, and convenient storage when not in use. Its ergonomic design, featuring a standing deck height of a mere 90 mm, not only enhances agility but also instills confidence in riders across various urban terrains.

Powered by a reliable Husqvarna AB 36V Li-ion battery, the Skutta houses a brushless, maintenance-free motor nestled within the rear wheel hub. Recharging takes a mere 4 hours and 20 minutes, and the scooter accommodates a fully charged spare battery that can be swapped in less than 10 seconds, ensuring uninterrupted commuting experiences.

Offering versatility, the Skutta presents three distinct ride modes – Pedestrian, Economy, and Sport – catering to diverse user preferences and varying urban scenarios. Its intuitive thumb throttle, along with practical features like a minimalist dashboard, integrated bell, side stand, and LED lights, enriches the riding experience. Additionally, with its low maintenance requirements and IPx4 water resistance rating, the Skutta promises both excitement and reliability for daily commuting needs.

Noteworthy technical features include a 10-inch front wheel (air inflated) and an 8-inch rear wheel with a puncture-free foam core. The scooter’s 90 mm standing height and 69.9° rake angle optimize the riding position, amplifying stability, safety, and agility. Its stripped-back smartLED dashboard ensures a distraction-free ride while showcasing essential information. The inclusion of dual drum brakes further enhances reliability and safety.

Complementing the Skutta’s ride, a range of Technical Accessories augments the user experience. Handlebar Ends protect grips from damage, while the Smartphone Bracket conveniently positions devices for easy screen viewing. Additionally, handlebar-mounted storage solutions ensure belongings remain secure during every commute.

In essence, Husqvarna Motorcycles’ Skutta embodies innovation, practicality, and reliability, poised to redefine the urban commuting landscape with its futuristic design and rider-centric features.

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