Gaggia Classic 30

2021 marks an important anniversary for Gaggia. Thirty years ago, the corporate launched an espresso machine that made history: Gaggia Basic. It was in 1991 when, following the footsteps of Baby Gaggia, Classic made its first look.

Instantly, it turned a real icon. Coffee enthusiasts from all around the world consecrated this machine as a symbol of the distinctive art of making and enjoying an ideal Italian espresso at home. In the present day, it’s the company’s signature product, a flagship of the “Made in Italy” and “Espresso at home” tradition on this planet. This espresso machine nonetheless embodies the values of the producer. Even when instances have changed, its heart and mission are at all times the same.

Join us in celebrating these first thirty years of authentic home espresso, tradition, never-ending ardour, and excellence, with an unmissable limited edition: Gaggia Classic 30. 3000 pieces only, entirely Made in Italy and numbered one after the other on the production line.

For this occasion, Gaggia asked the Italian artist Pierpaolo Gaballo to decide on a logo for the thirtieth Anniversary of Gaggia Basic. He opted for an Acrobat. On this character, he noticed natural parallelism with the Home Barista. In actual fact, the Home Barista combines a wise preparation with dexterity, practice and balance of the elements, identical to an Acrobat. They each make performances however on totally different backgrounds. One in a home, at his/her personal coffee station, whereas the opposite one on a stage, in entrance of an audience.

Gaggia agreed with this symbolic interpretation from the start. The 2 souls of Gaggia Classic – the Acrobat and the Home Barista – mirror on the two sides of the machine. One is its purest essence, smooth, simple, direct: the Home Barista. On the alternative aspect, the artistic twist drawn by the Acrobat, a beautiful decoration that mesmerizes us.

Gaggia Classic 30 is an ode to authenticity, creativity, freedom, fantasy. Who chooses this machine will personal a murals that mixes Italian high quality, tradition, design, with the fascinating art of contemporary illustration.

Gaggia Classic 30 Features

Pump Pressure: 15 bar
Pre-Bewering: Guide
Filters Included: 1 Crema Perfetta Filter (For 1 Or 2 Cups); 2 Traditional Filters (1 Cup/Pods; 2 Cups)
Capacity Water Tank: 2,1 L
Bodywork: Brushed Stainless Steel
Front: Brushed Stainless Steel
Product Dimensions (L X H X D): 23 x 38 x 24 cm
Product Weight: 7,265 kg

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