Flux Keyboard

The Flux Keyboard aims to combine the best features of mechanical keyboards and touchscreens into one device. This innovative keyboard offers both tactile feedback and the ability to adapt to different situations, making it easier to get things done efficiently.

One of the key features of the Flux Keyboard is its Full HD IPS display, which allows users to customize the keyboard with any background image, video, or interactive style. The keyboard can also automatically switch between profiles to reveal the most relevant keyboard shortcuts and fully customizable macros for any software or switch to any language.

Using keyboard shortcuts can save users significant amounts of time, as studies have shown that users can save several seconds per minute compared to using a mouse. The Flux Keyboard makes it easy to learn new shortcuts, even for applications that are only used occasionally or have a limited number of shortcuts learned.

Each key on the Flux Keyboard is magnetically suspended with rare earth magnets, allowing them to be 97% transparent and ultra-low friction. Additionally, the switches have 4mm of travel and come in linear and tactile variants. Users can adjust the software actuation point in 0.1mm increments and benefit from rapid trigger functionality through analog hall effect sensing.

The Flux Keyboard also comes with up to four modules that can be attached magnetically to enhance productivity and creativity. The modules can be combined in any assortment or order to match the user’s needs and can be rearranged in seconds.

The passive module displays weather and system information, while the side dial module can be used as a scroll wheel, volume wheel, or assigned to any variable in supported applications. The triple key module adds three extra keys that can be mapped to any shortcut or macro, while the triple dial module features three smooth dials for adjusting multiple variables in supported applications and volume mixing between applications.

The Flux Keyboard also features instant hot-swap keyframes, allowing users to switch between tactile and linear keys in just 2.15 seconds. Its seamless design minimizes trapping of dust or debris, and the removable key frame provides a cleaning process that is much simpler than with conventional keyboards.

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