Scott Superguide 95 Ski

The SCOTT Superguide 95 Ski is the latest iteration of the iconic freeride ski, renowned for its outstanding performance and reliability. This updated model retains all the characteristics of the original ski, but with added features that cater to touring enthusiasts. The ski is designed to provide a well-dampened ride, making it easy for skiers to navigate through challenging terrains with ease and stability.

One of the key features of the SCOTT Superguide 95 Ski is its lightweight yet playful Paulownia/Beech core that is reinforced with Carbon/Aramid. This construction makes the ski light and agile, which enhances its overall performance. Skiers will love the 3Dimension Touring Sidecut, an updated feature that ensures the ski is stable on the ascent and ready to tackle technical descents with ease.

The ski’s easy turn initiation makes it perfect for skiers who enjoy carving turns and exploring the backcountry. With stable power and precise edge hold, the Superguide 95 Ski is the ideal choice for skiers who want a ski that is both responsive and forgiving. The ski’s easy and fast skin fixation system makes it easy to switch from touring to freeride mode, giving skiers the versatility they need to explore any terrain.

In addition to its touring capabilities, the Superguide 95 Ski also provides a lively feeling that is sure to bring a smile to any skier’s face. The lightweight performance of the ski enhances its agility and tracking, making it easier for skiers to enjoy their time on the mountain. Whether you’re seeking adventure in the backcountry or looking to let loose on fast descents, the SCOTT Superguide 95 Ski is the perfect ski for you.

The SCOTT Superguide 95 Ski is the perfect blend of freeride DNA and touring performance. With its well-dampened ride, easy turn initiation, stable power, and precise edge hold, this ski is the ideal choice for skiers who want a ski that is both reliable and versatile. Whether you’re a seasoned skier or a beginner, the Superguide 95 Ski is sure to provide you with an outstanding skiing experience.

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