Elgato x Starfield

Elgato, a subsidiary under the CORSAIR umbrella, is thrilled to introduce an exciting new line of custom hardware tailored for content creators. This collaboration with Bethesda Game Studios celebrates some of the most cherished franchises in the gaming world. The inaugural release allows fans to acquire limited-edition equipment inspired by Starfield, marking Bethesda Game Studios’ first foray into a new universe in over a quarter of a century. But that’s not all – there are more exclusive drops in the pipeline, spanning Bethesda’s acclaimed range of IPs, from The Elder Scrolls to Fallout.

These officially licensed products, the Starfield Wave:3 microphone, and Stream Deck, are perfect companions for any creative explorer. Featuring an iconic design, the Wave:3 ensures that creators consistently deliver crystal-clear audio, whether they’re coordinating squad activities or engaging with their audience. In the meantime, the Stream Deck empowers them to seamlessly manage a wide range of tasks, from commanding their starship to orchestrating a live stream. Plus, a bonus digital kit allows gamers to download free icons, enabling them to personalize their Stream Deck with a Starfield-themed touch, regardless of the specific device or model they own.

Elgato’s history of hardware collaborations includes esteemed industry partners like Discord, OpTic Gaming, and Dreamville Records. However, this groundbreaking collaboration with a game developer marks a new chapter for Elgato. Taylor Ward, Director of Ecosystem at Elgato, remarked, “It’s an exciting opportunity to merge the worlds of gaming and content creation. For the first time, creators can build their dream setup with gear that not only offers top-tier performance but also immerses them in the captivating storytelling of Bethesda Game Studios — something they hold dear.” Like all Elgato custom products, each piece is meticulously handcrafted in Germany by a team of skilled experts.

Looking ahead, Elgato and Bethesda Game Studios have plans to unveil additional custom releases in the coming year. Beyond Starfield, Bethesda Game Studios boasts a remarkable lineup, including titles like DOOM Eternal and Hi-Fi RUSH. Simultaneously, Elgato is continuously expanding its own product lineup, having introduced the Wave DX XLR microphone last year and adding dial and touch-strip controls to the new Stream Deck +.

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