Elgato Unveils Exclusive Fallout® Gear in Collaboration with Bethesda Softworks

Elgato, a renowned brand under CORSAIR, has unveiled an exclusive line of limited-edition hardware in collaboration with Bethesda Softworks, the acclaimed publisher. This exciting drop includes four distinct products, such as a custom Stream Deck and dynamic microphone, paying homage to the beloved Fallout franchise. This collaboration marks the second partnership between Elgato and Bethesda, following the successful release of Starfield™ in September 2023.

For enthusiasts of Bethesda’s immersive worlds, this collaboration offers a unique opportunity to own original Vault-Tec™ collectibles, coinciding with the debut of the Fallout TV series on Prime Video. Notably, this collaboration represents a significant milestone for Elgato, as it marks the first time the brand has developed custom dynamic microphones (Wave DX), audio interfaces (Wave XLR), and boom arms (Wave Mic Arm LP). In addition to the hardware offerings, Elgato has introduced a suite of digital assets, including a Pip-Boy-inspired voice modifier, providing content creators with innovative tools to enhance their online presence.

Available for a limited time, fans can now purchase these exclusive Fallout-themed products through the Elgato website.

“We’re excited to bring iconic storytelling to life through this collaboration,” said Taylor Ward, Director of Ecosystem at Elgato. “With this technology, creators can immerse themselves in the wastelands of Fallout from the comfort of their own desks, enhancing their content creation experience.”

Stream Deck: Fallout Edition

Designed to meet the demands of navigating treacherous wastelands, the Stream Deck offers lightning-fast controls reminiscent of a Vault Dweller’s trusty Pip-Boy. Adorned with iconic artwork and fully customizable, the Stream Deck allows users to personalize their controls to suit their unique in-game reputations.

Wave DX: Fallout Edition

Communication is crucial in the post-apocalyptic world, and the Wave DX ensures crystal-clear voice transmission. This dynamic microphone delivers exceptional sound quality and features a striking RAD green design, ensuring that your voice commands attention, whether you’re bargaining for scrap or leading your squad.

Wave XLR: Fallout Edition

Powered by Wave XLR, your voice cuts through the static of the wastes with precision. This all-in-one audio interface and mixer feature a design inspired by post-nuclear Americana, offering unparalleled sound clarity and intuitive controls for dominating the airwaves like a wasteland DJ.

Wave Mic Arm LP: Fallout Edition

In a world filled with threats, the Wave Mic Arm LP helps you maintain a low profile while keeping your microphone at the ready. With its atompunk-inspired design and versatile positioning options, this boom arm ensures that your voice is heard without obstructing your view of the battlefield.

Vault Overseer Kits

For ultimate convenience and savings, fans can opt for the Vault Overseer Kits, which bundle three or more devices together:

Vault Overseer Broadcast Kit: Includes Stream Deck, Wave DX, Wave XLR, and Wave Mic Arm LP, along with a free XLR cable.
Vault Overseer Audio Kit: Includes Wave DX, Wave XLR, and Wave Mic Arm LP, along with a free XLR cable.
These comprehensive kits offer complete audio and control solutions tailored to the needs of content creators.


Unlock Digital Assets

In addition to hardware offerings, Elgato and Bethesda Softworks are providing a collection of digital assets for fans to personalize their online presence in Fallout style. These free assets include Pip-Boy-inspired icons for Stream Deck, Vault-Tec screensavers for Stream Deck, and a voice modifier with presets and settings based on the franchise’s iconic audio environments. Fans can access these assets for free on the Elgato Marketplace starting today.

With the launch of these exclusive Fallout-themed products and digital assets, Elgato continues to innovate and provide content creators with tools to elevate their gaming and streaming experiences.

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