Elgato Facecam MK.2: Elevating Webcam Technology for Creators

Elgato, a leading provider of tools for content creators, has announced the launch of Facecam MK.2, a next-generation webcam designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s creators. Building upon the success of its predecessor, Facecam MK.2 introduces an array of innovative features including HDR, a built-in privacy shutter, and advanced pan-tilt-zoom capabilities. With enhanced image quality and a sleek, low-profile design, Facecam MK.2 sets a new standard for professional-grade webcams.

Elgato Facecam MK.2

Enhanced Image Quality and HDR Technology

Facecam MK.2 boasts improved image quality and color accuracy, thanks to cutting-edge technology that enhances detail and performance in low-light conditions. The addition of HDR technology ensures true-to-life color reproduction and clarity, even in high-contrast lighting environments. With the ability to capture HDR in full HD at 60 frames per second, Facecam MK.2 delivers smooth and sharp video like never before.

Built-in Privacy Shutter and Streamlined Design

For added convenience and peace of mind, Facecam MK.2 features a built-in privacy shutter that can be easily activated with a simple swipe. This eliminates the need for separate lens covers and ensures that users can protect their privacy with ease. The webcam’s redesigned mount and smaller form factor provide a seamless integration into any workspace, offering improved eye contact and minimizing distractions on screen.

Elgato Facecam MK.2

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Control and High-Def Slow Motion

Facecam MK.2 offers users unprecedented control over their video capture, with the ability to tilt vertically and pan sideways for precise framing. Whether adjusting their field of view or capturing ultra-smooth slow-motion footage at 120 frames per second in HD resolution, creators can unleash their creativity with Facecam MK.2’s versatile features.


Elgato Facecam MK.2

Since its initial release in 2021, Facecam has become a preferred choice among creators and professionals worldwide. With its uncompressed 1080p60 video capture and intuitive Camera Hub software, Facecam revolutionized webcam technology. Facecam MK.2 builds upon this legacy, offering enhanced capabilities and versatility for the modern content creator.


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