Duotone Jaime SLS 2023 Kiteboard

The Duotone Jaime SLS 2023 Kiteboard is the perfect choice for kiteboarders looking for a sporty and responsive ride. The new 2023 model has been updated to provide a faster and more dynamic experience. With the new Double Rocker Line Concept and angled fins, riders can expect improved grip in the water for better upwind performance, increased pop, and higher jumps. The new torsion flex cap helps control the board’s flex across its axis, providing even better control.

The Jaime SLS is designed to deliver an exciting session on the water, with its shape and flex combining to make it fast and responsive. The new Double Diffusor Bottom is also a great addition, making the legendary soft landings even smoother than before. The new torsion flex cap provides greater control and precision, ensuring a more enjoyable and effortless ride.

This kiteboard is perfect for those looking to improve their personal record or take the title at their local spot. The Jaime SLS is well-suited to those who want to take their freestyle and big air kiteboarding to the next level. Its unique design and construction make it an excellent choice for riders who want to challenge themselves and reach new heights.

The Duotone Jaime SLS 2023 Kiteboard is the ultimate choice for freestyle and big air enthusiasts. With its new and improved features, it promises to deliver an exciting and dynamic ride that will leave you with a smile on your face. If you’re looking for a kiteboard that will help you achieve your goals and reach new heights, the Jaime SLS is the one for you.

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