Angry Miao AM Compact Touch Keyboard

The Angry Miao AM Compact Touch keyboard is a 65% layout keyboard that is compact in size and takes up 11% less space on a desk compared to a traditional 65% layout keyboard. It features a two-stage adjustable leaf spring mount, which allows users to choose their preferred typing style by adjusting the flex from soft to hard. There are two different leaf spring materials (Phosphorus Copper and Stainless Steel) that can be combined with an adjustment pad to provide eight different typing combinations. The AM Compact Touch also has a unique touch panel that can be used as arrow keys, with the sensitivity and reliability achieved through a separate Touch Panel PCB and an algorithm that determines whether the user is tapping or long pressing.

The keyboard has a sleek, retro-futuristic design inspired by the DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future and comes in seven different variants with contrasting color schemes. The Mech Love and Laser Special Editions provide additional RGB lighting on their blocker positions, and the Mech Love Custom Edition even has three customizable areas for further personalization. The keyboard is built with precision and care, with strict requirements on the accuracy of each component during the manufacturing process, and a four-axis CNC milling process that ensures elevated machining accuracy and a consistent experience.

The Angry Miao AM Compact Touch keyboard supports dual-mode connectivity through Bluetooth 5.1 or USB Type-C, has wireless charging capabilities, and all keys support remapping and assigning multimedia keys. The base kit variant will be priced at $398-$515 and the bundle variant will be priced at $498-$615.

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