Drop Introduces CSTM65: The Ultimate in Compact Customization for Mechanical Keyboard Enthusiasts

In a stride towards personalization excellence, Drop, the community-driven mechanical keyboard brand, has unveiled its latest keyboard – the CSTM65. Positioned as a compact 65% mechanical keyboard, the CSTM65 is designed to provide users with a portable and highly customizable typing experience, following the success of its predecessor, the CSTM80. This newest addition to Drop’s CSTM line boasts a range of features that elevate the keyboard customization game, offering enthusiasts a canvas to express their personal style.

Compact Yet Fully Customizable

The CSTM65 introduces a 65% layout, catering to users who crave a streamlined and portable typing experience without compromising on customization. Similar to the CSTM80, one of the standout features of the CSTM65 is its interchangeable, magnetic case – available in polycarbonate or aluminum. This case not only facilitates easy customization for users but also serves as a canvas for designers to unleash their creativity. The magnetic case is easily removable and replaceable, enabling users to choose from a variety of colorful and artistically designed cases to make their keyboard uniquely theirs. With options for keycaps, switches, custom weights, switch plates, and cables, users can effortlessly mix and match designs, allowing for a keyboard that truly reflects their individual style.

Technical Excellence and Enthusiast-level Features

The fully built CSTM65 keyboard is packed with enthusiast-level technical features to ensure a superior typing experience. It boasts a gasket-mounted design, ABS keycaps with side legends optimized for south-facing switches, PCBA-mounted stabilizers, 5-pin switch support, dynamic LED lighting, and a customizable weight accompanied by five switch plate options. To enhance the sound and feel, multiple layers of premium foam are incorporated throughout the keyboard. Users can choose between two switch options – the tactile Gateron Brown Pro 3.0 or the linear Gateron Yellow KS3, providing flexibility for a personalized typing experience.

Endless Personalization Possibilities

The heart of the CSTM65 lies in its commitment to personal expression and customization. With numerous case designs, switch options, and keycaps, the possibilities for self-expression are endless. Drop Director of Drop Studio, Corsair, Lukas Mondoux, emphasized, “Personal expression and customization have consistently been at the core of Drop’s identity and remain a central focus for us in 2024.” The CSTM65 is just the beginning, with promises of more designed cases and innovations in the pipeline.

Dazzling Aesthetics and Varied Material Options

The CSTM65 comes in a variety of visually appealing options. Polycarbonate color cases include white, black, Laser Purple, Skiidata orange, and Jasmine Green. For those inclined towards a more premium look, aluminum cases are available in anodized silver and black. Additionally, a decorative case named “Overgrowth” by OSHETART adds a touch of artistic flair to the lineup. Users can further enhance the aesthetics with custom weight options like stainless steel with black PVD coating, stainless steel with chromatic PVD coating, and brass with clear coating – available for separate purchase.


Enhanced Configurability and Software Support

The CSTM65 supports Drop’s keyboard configurator, QMK, VIA, and Vial, providing users with enhanced configurability options. This ensures that users can tailor the keyboard to their specific needs and preferences seamlessly.

Drop CSTM65 – Redefining Personalized Mechanical Keyboards

With the launch of the CSTM65, Drop continues to push the boundaries of customization in the mechanical keyboard world. The combination of a compact 65% layout, interchangeable magnetic case, enthusiast-level technical features, and a wide array of customization options positions the CSTM65 as the ultimate choice for keyboard enthusiasts looking to make a statement with their typing tool. As Drop looks ahead, users can anticipate even more innovation and creativity in the evolving world of mechanical keyboards through the CSTM line.

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