D28 Formentor

The collaboration between De Antonio Yachts and Cupra continues with the presentation of the new D28 Formentor e-HYBRID, which integrates two 15kw retractable electric motors in the powertrain developed by BlueNav, which, together with the 400hp Mercury concealed outboard engine, offers a hybrid system that allows the boat to run in both combustion and fully electric mode.

In electric navigation, D28 Formentor e-HYBRID generates zero emissions, so it does not pollute the water and emits almost no acoustic emissions. The bank of up to six batteries gives it a range in electric mode of up to 12 miles, with about two hours of sailing at a cruising speed of 6 knots and a top speed of 8 knots.

​​This combination of electric motors and central outboard motor allows the user to perform emission-free navigation in areas close to the coast, port entrances and exits as well as sensitive and protected areas, without giving up at the same time the sporty performance and safety provided by the 400hp gasoline outboard motor for navigation in the open sea, adverse conditions and long distances and a combined range of almost 200 miles.

Technical specifications

  • Length: 8,49m
  • Beam: 2,99m
  • Depth: 0,50m
  • Weight: 2,5 Tons
  • Passengers: 10
  • Bathroom: 1
  • Fuel Tank: 420 Liter
  • Water Tank: 70 Liter
  • Max.Power: 400 HP
  • Cruising Speed: 25Knots
  • Max.Speed: 40Knots
  • Electric engines: 15Kwx2
  • Cruising Speed: 6Knots
  • Max.Speed: 8Knots

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