Adidas x Hebru Brantley

Authentic storytelling is at the heart of Hebru Brantley’s work, which is why Brantley has continued to inspire and galvanise his audience for over a decade. Brantley’s characters Frogboy and Rocket were created to express a desire for freedom, a stance in solidarity, and a determination to overcome.

This collective spirit to redefine what a protagonist looks like in our world is the very inspiration for the characters that Brantley creates. They inspired us to collaborate on a collection that will stand firmly in the zeitgeist and ground us in the confidence, agency, and power that has always reflected the culture that inspired it.

The esteemed artist uses the Adidas Forum High and Adidas Forum Low as his muses, bringing them to life with tongue details featuring his Frogboy and Rocket characters to dimensionalize his storytelling of Black heroes and futurism. The shoes are executed in tones from Brantley’s signature color palette, and also feature contrast lacing, hand-drawn rear quarter trefoil branding, and illustrated sock liners.

Adidas x Hebru Brantley shoe models will be available after July 14

About Hebru Brantley

Globally exhibited Chicago-born and LA-based contemporary artist Hebru Brantley’s creative output seems to know no end, with solo and collaborative projects for a wide variety of respected brands that span art, fashion, hospitality, and entertainment industries. Renowned for the rich storytelling in his character-based works, Brantley takes moments of his own life with inspiration from anime and Afro-futurism to seamlessly blend a narrative of fantastical fiction.

Adidas x Hebru Brantley Models

Forum MID RT Hebru Brantley Shoes – $140 – More Information 

Forum Low Hebru Brantley Shoes – $130 – More Information

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