Casio G-SHOCK MRG-B5000R

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. has recently introduced the latest addition to its prestigious MR-G line, the MRG-B5000R, marking a significant evolution within the renowned G-SHOCK brand of robust and resilient timepieces. This new model pays homage to the iconic silhouette of the very first G-SHOCK, signifying the brand’s inception, while introducing a host of innovative features, notably a supremely comfortable Dura Soft band.

Positioned as the epitome of durability-centric watches, the MR-G series stands atop the G-SHOCK lineage, integrating cutting-edge technology with expert metalworking craftsmanship. Retaining the distinctive form of the original G-SHOCK, the MRG-B5000 was initially launched in 2022. It boasted a bezel equipped with the Multi-Guard Structure, facilitating meticulous polishing, and incorporated advanced materials like COBARION®, a remarkably tough alloy, expertly finished through superior polishing techniques. Consequently, it quickly gained popularity as the flagship model of the G-SHOCK range.

The newly unveiled MRG-B5000R expands upon the MRG-B5000’s foundation by introducing a supple and comfortable Dura Soft band, designed to offer enhanced flexibility suitable for various occasions, whether formal or active. The Dura Soft band ensures exceptional resistance against discoloration, staining, and degradation over time, while the insert-molded titanium components elevate the band’s durability, fortifying its connection to the case. Notably, the band’s texture provides a soft and comfortable feel, ensuring a snug fit even during rigorous activities. Additionally, a stylish one-touch, 3-fold titanium clasp further complements the overall design.

Drawing inspiration from the color scheme of the DW-5000C-1B, the gold-accented rendition of the inaugural G-SHOCK model, the MRG-B5000R employs a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating for the case and a gold IP finish for the side buttons. Gold accents also embellish the watch face. Furthermore, the band incorporates textured patterns that pay homage to design elements dating back to the first G-SHOCK, including the distinctive “SHOCK RESIST” symbols and the classic brick pattern. While embracing elements from its predecessor, this timepiece seamlessly marries G-SHOCK’s trademark toughness and elegance, presenting a unique and contemporary aesthetic.

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