Casio G-Shock GCW-B5000UN Carbon Edition

Casio is set to launch a new addition to its renowned line of shock-resistant G-SHOCK watches, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the iconic brand. The GCW-B5000UN, available in two models, joins the 5000 line, preserving the distinctive form of the very first G-SHOCK while incorporating cutting-edge carbon materials for enhanced strength and reduced weight.

In a nod to the revolutionary 1983 DW-5000C, which introduced the world to the concept of a “tough watch,” the GCW-B5000UN represents Casio’s ongoing commitment to delivering durability. Recent advancements have seen G-SHOCK watches incorporating carbon materials, known for their sevenfold strength compared to stainless steel, coupled with lightweight properties. The watches are crafted from resin, metal, or carbon, with models often featuring a combination of these materials.

The GCW-B5000UN maintains the iconic shape of the first G-SHOCK but achieves its shock-resistant structure through the use of carbon materials produced through various manufacturing processes.

Different types of carbon materials are employed for the case, bezel, band, and clasp, reflecting the watch’s intricate design. The result is a remarkably lightweight timepiece, tipping the scales at approximately 65g – a 61% reduction compared to its full-metal predecessor, the GMW-B5000D, made from stainless steel and weighing around 167g.

Forged carbon, providing molding flexibility, is utilized for the bezel and band, while the clasp’s folding arm benefits from multilayer carbon due to its high bending strength. The monocoque case and integrated case back are crafted from carbon fiber-reinforced resin.

The design marries G-SHOCK’s unwavering commitment to innovation with imagery inspired by the vastness of outer space, featuring a motif influenced by the Big Bang and galactic planets. The two-model lineup offers a choice between purple, featuring mixed-color molding with opal specks, and a classic black variant. Special features include a G-SHOCK 40th anniversary logo designed by graphic artist Eric Haze, engraved on the underside, adding an extra layer of distinction to these commemorative timepieces.

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