Canon REALiS 4K6021Z Projector

Packed with remarkable features and housed within a compact, lightweight design, the Canon REALiS 4K6021Z projector redefines the possibilities of visual engagement.

Unveiling Unprecedented Image Quality

At the heart of the REALiS 4K6021Z lies its impressive native 4K DCI resolution, boasting a pixel-perfect canvas of 4096 x 2160. This foundation, combined with a dazzling brightness of 6000 lumens and a dynamic contrast ratio that reaches an impressive 22,000:1, sets the stage for lifelike imagery that captivates your audience’s senses. Powered by Canon’s innovative LCOS Technology with AISYS enhancement, this projector delivers images saturated with sharpness and vibrant color reproduction, spanning an astonishing 99.9% of the sRGB color space. The result? A rich and vivid 4K experience that leaves a lasting impact.

Brilliantly Laser-Powered, Virtually Maintenance-Free

Boasting an operational lifespan of up to 20,000 hours, this projector eliminates the need for lamp replacements, leading to significantly reduced maintenance and total cost of ownership compared to traditional lamp-based projectors. Its durability is even more pronounced when utilizing the Long Duration modes. Moreover, the projector’s omnidirectional projection capability ensures hassle-free installation at virtually any angle, empowering you with versatile positioning possibilities.

Tailored Flexibility for Your Unique Vision

The REALiS 4K6021Z understands that different scenarios demand different perspectives. Its center lens design supports seven interchangeable Genuine Canon lens options, offering unparalleled flexibility to cater to a wide array of applications. Notably, the RS-SL07RST 4K Standard Zoom Lens maximizes the 4K viewing experience with its 1.34-2.35:1 throw ratio, 1.76x zoom, and Marginal Focus feature designed for accurate curved surface projection. These lenses’ convenient spigot design ensures installation without compromising image brightness and stability.

Empowering Connectivity and Intuitive Interfaces

Weighing in as the world’s smallest and lightest native 4K laser projector, the REALiS 4K6021Z triumphs in spaces where installation might be a challenge. Seamlessly integrating into your setup, it boasts a range of industry-standard interfaces including HDBaseT™, HDMI, Wi-Fi®, USB Type A, RJ-45, RS-232C, audio output, and trigger output. This user-friendly array ensures versatile connectivity options, turning your presentation setup into a hassle-free experience.

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