Unleash Your Vlogging Potential with The Canon PowerShot V10

This highly portable camera, with components from the renowned G-Series line, lets you capture stunning visuals and crystal-clear sound, all while offering a range of creative options to bring your vlogs to life.

Compact Size, Limitless Possibilities

The PowerShot V10’s small form factor is designed for ultimate convenience. Its ergonomic design fits perfectly in your hand, allowing for comfortable and steady shooting. With its simple menu systems, one-button recording, and rapid power-up time, this camera is always ready to capture those spontaneous vlogging moments.

Built-in Stand for Versatile Shooting

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional camera setups. The PowerShot V10 comes equipped with a built-in stand, offering unmatched convenience for capturing shots from various angles. Whether you need to shoot a top-down cooking video or want to vlog at eye level, the stand provides up to 30 degrees of tilt in both directions. Additionally, you can even hold the camera upside down by the handle, and the video will automatically reorient itself. For more versatility, traditional tripods or the modern HG-100TBR Tripod Grip are still compatible.

Superior Sound Quality

Sound is a crucial aspect of any vlog, and the PowerShot V10 ensures your voice is captured with pristine clarity. With its dual large stereo microphones, your audio will be rich and immersive. The camera also features an additional microphone to minimize unwanted background noise. No need for cumbersome external microphones or clip-on lavaliere mics – the PowerShot V10 puts the entire studio experience right in the palm of your hand.

Wide-Angle Lens for Effortless Framing

The PowerShot V10 is equipped with a specially crafted 19mm (35mm equivalent) lens, offering the perfect field of view for capturing yourself and your surroundings. No more awkwardly outstretched arms or restricted movements. This wide-angle lens allows you to create natural-looking videos while avoiding muscle strain.

Outstanding Video Quality, Even in Low Light

Thanks to the 1″ CMOS sensor shared with Canon’s popular PowerShot G series, the PowerShot V10 delivers exceptional video quality, even in challenging lighting conditions. The built-in subject detection ensures your face remains in focus and well-lit. Additionally, features like image stabilization, exposure control, Movie auto level, and smooth skin movie mode enable you to capture professional-looking footage effortlessly. The camera also incorporates a built-in automatic ND-filter, allowing you to darken your video without sacrificing color accuracy or introducing jerky motion.

Vertical Video, No Problem

In the age of social media, vertical video has become increasingly popular. The PowerShot V10 caters to this trend by offering seamless vertical video recording. Simply turn the camera on its side, and the aspect ratio will automatically adjust to vertical orientation, ensuring your content looks stunning across all platforms.

Filters to Enhance Your Vlogs

Add a touch of creativity to your vlogs with the PowerShot V10’s 14 built-in color filters. These filters allow you to instantly change the mood and ambiance of your videos, making each one unique. Notably, the camera also features an automatic ND filter (Neutral Density), which helps darken videos without compromising color accuracy.

Dual Functionality: Still Camera and Vlogging Companion

Don’t forget that the PowerShot V10 is not only a top-tier vlogging camera but also a fully functional still camera. With its high-sensitivity 15.2-megapixel, 1-inch CMOS sensor and Auto Photo mode, you can effortlessly capture stunning behind-the-scenes images without the need for a separate camera.

Seamless Connectivity and Livestreaming

The PowerShot V10 comes with the Canon Camera Connect app, a free companion that enables seamless communication between the camera and your compatible smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Transfer images and videos for instant sharing on social media, remotely control the camera, and even livestream your content. You can also sign up for image. Canon, where your video footage automatically uploads when the camera is charging and within Wi-Fi range. From there, you can forward your videos to other cloud services like Google Drive or Frame.io and even edit them directly within applications like Adobe Premiere.

UVC Support and HDMI Output

The PowerShot V10 features UVC (USB Video Class) support, allowing it to function as a web camera without requiring additional drivers. Simply connect it to any device that supports the UVC standard, and you’re ready to go. Furthermore, the camera features an HDMI micro output port, allowing you to share your content directly on the big screen for an immersive viewing experience.

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