Brompton T Line

Brompton has reinvented every millimeter of its iconic design to create its lightest bike ever, weighing in at 7.45kg. (16.4 lbs.)

The product of three years of research and development, Brompton has brought its fold to life in titanium by forging new construction techniques, designing over 150 components, and building a dedicated factory in order to create the ultra-light Brompton T Line.

At the new facility in Sheffield, the frame is precision-engineered in titanium, then orbital and tig-welded for strength. In Brompton’s London home, the T Line is finished with new componentry and tuned for the city, setting a new benchmark for folding bikes in lightness, ride performance, and robustness.

37% less than the original all-steel equivalent and is just as strong. At 7.45 kg in total, the T Line is comparable to a carbon road bike. Yet, it can be comfortably ridden by a 110kg rugby player and withstand the punishing impact of the city.

Compact drivetrain, designed ground-up.
Nothing rides like it—the entirely new, patent-pending drivetrain, designed ground-up to sit inside the fold, to be as light as possible, and for optimal city performance.

The carbon crankset gives greater power transfer. The 60-gram derailleur delivers smooth shifting in a small package. The new gear ratio, tested from Amsterdam to San Francisco, perfected for city roads.

The first bike in the world with a steel-armored carbon seat post. Ordinary carbon seat posts are stiff, strong, and lightweight, but they can’t stand up to the daily use of a folding bike. Brompton’s design engineers have developed a new process to reinforce the limitations of carbon with 0.3mm steel armor. The result is a super light seat post that can take the abrasion of the fold, 110kg load, and all-weather riding.

Faster to fold, easier to carry. Every interaction with the folded bike was studied and improved. New: self-aligning hinges, always set-to-go. A spring-loaded handlebar catch that effortlessly clicks. Larger diameter rolling wheels go with the flow—an easy-grab carbon saddle with an integrated nose handle.

Brompton ride dynamics have always made owners smile, and now they’re elevated in every way. Carbon cranks and cast Ti bottom bracket shift your power for a faster ride. Naturally, shock-absorbing titanium smooths out the road. The one-piece carbon fork and wider carbon handlebars make it stiffer and even more responsive. This is a serious machine that’s seriously fun to ride.

The bike will be available in two specifications, each with the option of a low and mid-rise handlebar fit:

T Line One – $4,810 – 16.4 lbs

The lightest Brompton ever made. T Line in its purest form, the single-speed machine. Masterfully built to deliver an ultra-light, agile and responsive ride. This is the benchmark for freedom in the city.

T Line One

T Line Urban – $5,020 – 17.5 lbs

A complete ultra-lightweight performance package built to move around the city and beyond. The all-new compact 4-speed gearing system is optimized for city riding. Faster, smoother folding mechanisms, with 110kg load carrying for you and your luggage.

T Line Urban

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