Bremont MB Viper Limited Edition Pilot Watch

Bremont, the British watchmaker, has announced the launch of its latest creation – the limited edition MB Viper pilot’s watch. The lightweight model, crafted from titanium and anodized aluminum, is the result of Bremont’s collaboration with renowned aviation company Martin-Baker. The watch features Bremont’s manufactured movement series, the ENG300, which was subjected to rigorous testing conditions equivalent to those experienced by fighter ejection seat technology.

Bremont’s pursuit of the ultimate pilot’s watch led to the development of a test instrument that could house the ENG300 movement, designed to withstand the HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) process, which includes exposure to extreme temperatures, salt fog, and humidity, as well as submersion in water and altitude changes.

The watch underwent the zero/zero ejection test, which involves propelling a test manikin with the watch strapped to its wrist from zero to 120ft in two seconds, experiencing forces of up to 15G. The ENG300 movement was housed in a patented anti-shock movement mount, designed to absorb impacts while continuing to function faultlessly.

Bremont MB Viper watch is a testament to the performance potential of Bremont’s ENG300 movement, the first mechanical movement built at scale in Britain in 50 years. The watch is a unique and striking design that has captured the imagination of aviation enthusiasts and watch aficionados alike.

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