Benro Theta: Smart Travel Tripod

The Benro Theta is a smart travel tripod that redefines the traditional concept of a tripod by incorporating innovative features and functions. (Click to see the ongoing Kickstarter campaign)

With its portability, stability, and intelligence, Theta offers photographers a range of benefits such as automatic leveling, remote camera control, automatic exposure adjustment, and live streaming. In this article, we’ll explore how Theta’s self-leveling system works, its unique ball head design, and how its structural optimization sets it apart from other travel tripods in the market.

One of the main features of the Theta is its self-leveling capability. The ball head is designed with a locking system that allows it to be aligned with the tripod at all times. This means that the ball head can be switched between free mode and roll lock mode. When in roll lock position, the camera is always level with the ground, making it easy for photographers to focus on their composition.

Theta’s three legs can also be automatically leveled. When activated, Theta determines how many legs need to be adjusted simultaneously to reach level as quickly as possible. The battery module can be added as an extra feature to help with automatic leveling.

How does it work?

Step 1: To lock the movement on the roll axis, twist the knob on the ball head until you hear a “click”. Once locked, the roll axis is fixed and will always be aligned horizontally with the tripod.

Step 2: All three legs of the Theta tripod can be leveled automatically. When auto-leveling is activated, the tripod determines how many legs need to be adjusted simultaneously to reach the level status as quickly as possible based on its current leveling status. To activate the auto-leveling feature, simply mount the battery module (add-ons) and press the button. The leg between the first and second section will automatically adjust its length, thereby leveling the tripod with the ground. Theta will detect the current leveling status to determine how many legs and lengths need to be adjusted to reach the fastest leveling status.

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Benro Theta Smart Travel Tripod Key Features

Theta Ball Head

The ball head can quickly switch between the full range of free motion and pan & tilt motion. If you tighten the retractable knob on the side of the ball head, the ball head can then only move in the pan and tilt direction, while the roll axis is locked and always remains level with the tripod.

Benro Theta Smart Travel Tripod 3

Compactness and Sturdiness

Most travel tripods available in the market make compromises between the two, either sacrificing stability for portability or compactness for durability. However, Theta is a travel tripod that takes all these factors into account, offering the perfect combination of strength, size, and weight. The structural optimization of Theta’s central shaft ensures there is zero wasted space, while its round tube design adds to its overall strength. Moreover, Theta’s unique center column design, combined with the thicker upper leg diameter of 29mm, significantly increases the tripod’s stability and weight capacity. With Theta, photographers no longer need to choose between portability and durability; they can have both.

Compactness and Sturdiness

Trigonus Central Shaft

The Benro Theta is designed to be a travel tripod that takes into account size, weight, and sturdiness. Its structural optimization of the central shaft allows for zero wasted space while maintaining a round tube design. The unique center column design and thickened upper leg diameter greatly increase the stability and capacity of Theta’s legs. The circular or round leg design distributes force points evenly along the tripod’s legs, achieving better stability. The center column is made of 6061-T6 Aluminum, further strengthening it.

Rounded, Thicker Legs

Theta is a tripod that’s designed to be both stable and sturdy. One of the ways to achieve this is through the trigonous center shaft design, which allows keeping the leg tubes round without compromising on size.

With these thicker, rounded legs, Theta is able to easily support your full-frame DSLR and lens, even in open, windy places. So whether you’re shooting landscapes or cityscapes, Theta has the stability you need to get the shot.

Rounded, Thicker Legs

Sand and Dust Resistant Legs

When it comes to leg locks, flip locks, and twist locks are the most commonly used types. However, both of these have their drawbacks. Twist locks can easily become clogged with sand, making them difficult to clean, while flip locks can struggle to lock in extreme temperatures and can slip easily. But after years of research and development, Theta’s legs have been designed to overcome these issues and provide the perfect solution for outdoor photographers.

One of the biggest advantages of Benro Theta‘s legs is their sand and dust resistance. The collars on each leg are specifically designed to keep out sand and dust, making them incredibly easy to disassemble and clean. To prevent sand from getting into the gap of the leg tube, sand is scraped off when the legs are retracted.

Theta’s leg lock construction not only makes them sand-proof but also makes them faster than ever to deploy and store. Deploying Theta is as simple as twisting the foot lock to unlock all sections and pulling the leg out to the desired length. To lock the leg, just rotate the foot lock back.

When you need to adjust a leg section, Theta’s legs make it easier than ever. Simply choose any section of the leg, twist it, adjust the length of the leg, and then rotate it back. This can even be done while wearing winter gloves. Theta is much smoother and easier to handle, even in less than ideal conditions.


Another major advantage of Theta’s legs is their ability to keep your gear safe. If the legs are not fully locked, regular tripods can easily slip and tip over when heavy cameras or lenses are mounted on them. However, Theta’s legs have a small but significant adjustment that ensures they will detect any slippage and automatically lock to prevent the tripod from tipping over.


Balance and Fine-Tune

The Theta Ball Head is designed with photographers in mind. Whether you’re shooting landscapes or portraits, this ball head is the ideal choice for capturing stunning photos. It incorporates a roll lock that enhances pan and tilt movements, giving you complete control over your camera’s movements.

While a good ball head or 3-way head provides stable support for shake-free shooting, it might be difficult to make fine adjustments. But with Theta’s ball head, you can make precise adjustments with ease. The ball head’s app enables you to fine-tune the camera’s level state without switching out heads or bringing extra leveling equipment – aka more weight. This feature is particularly practical when you’re doing extreme close-ups that need precise adjustments, allowing you to make the finest of adjustments without any hassle.

Moreover, Theta’s ball head is incredibly versatile. Its ability to fine-tune compositions through the app makes it a great choice for those who want to streamline their workflow. Plus, its roll lock feature is perfect for landscape photography, as it allows you to capture sweeping vistas with ease. With all these features combined, Theta’s ball head is the perfect choice for photographers who want a versatile, user-friendly, and precise tool for their photography needs.


The Theta tripod is available in two sizes: Theta and Theta Max.



Benro Theta‘s waterproof expansion ports allow for swappable smart modules to be added, expanding functionality. These modules can be left on or removed when not in use without taking up extra space. Theta becomes your intelligent assistant with these modules.

Battery Module

The Battery Module is a separate design that allows for the use of built-in motors and gyroscopes while maintaining standard tripod characteristics. It supplies power to other Theta modules when attached to the ports, without the need for cables. The full tripod body can also be submerged in water while allowing manual leg adjustment.

Battery Module

Camera Control Module

Theta’s Camera Control Module enables remote control of popular DSLR and mirrorless cameras from up to 150 feet away. Adjust settings, preview shots, and take photos or videos via smartphone. Compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, and Fuji cameras.

Optical Matrix Sensor Module

The Optical Matrix Sensor Module of Theta is designed for time-lapse photography, detecting real-time ambient light and using advanced algorithms to adjust exposure settings for smoother transitions. Its built-in algorithm also eliminates extreme brightness or darkness spots in the photo sequence.

GoLive Module

The GoLive Module allows for high-quality live streaming through your DSLR or mirrorless camera, providing a clear and professional image. This is a better option than simply using your phone’s camera for streaming, especially in low-light conditions.

GoLive Module

How Can You Get It?

For the debut campaign, Benro is offering the largest discount to backers. Those who pledge their support can save up to $250 on the Theta tripod and up to $300 on the Theta Max. This discount provides an excellent opportunity for backers to secure their tripod at a much lower price than the retail price.

Additionally, backers of the Theta debut campaign will enjoy an extended warranty period of 6 years, compared to the standard 3-year warranty. This move demonstrates Benro’s commitment to delivering a high-quality product and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Benro’s Theta tripod Kickstarter campaign surpassed its funding goal of $50,000 in a week, with over $1 million in pledges. The tripod is available at an Early Bird price of $349, and the Theta Max at $399, with an estimated delivery date of June 2023.

Click for more information about Theta tripod and to pre-order

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