Metal, Wood, and Leather

You’ll be able to seek for plastic, rubber or cables in our model, however, we can tell you now – you won’t succeed. Avionics is a pure form, designed to merge contrasts. Wood with steel, smooth traces with sporty character, wildness with nobility.

Greater than 100 years in the past, electrical vehicles began the worldwide revolution and introduced civilization to the next stage of transportation. For some cause, people considered petroleum to be the higher product to maneuver their machines. They forgot in regards to the potential of electricity to start out their engines. Fortunately, times are altering. These days electricity comes again to motorization in great style, enriched with high technology. The new renaissance is coming and Avionics is part of it.

What was the way Avionics was born?

First was the concept to create an electric bike that might be characterized by unique and beautiful forms. Our inspiration dates back to essentially the most superb times of motorization full bloom. We combine it with aviation stylistics and engineering.

Our main desire was to keep the pure line of Avionics. That means the lack of any protruding constructional elements or visible connections. All cords and wires are hidden contained in the frame.


An openwork frame holds the wooden saddle that hangs on a shock absorber. This distinctive construction identifies Avionics. The leaf spring with its upper pipes of the frame suggests the wing section. The wing ends with the saddle springs. Just behind the saddle is a superbly adjusted back lamp.

The front lamp, identical to the opposite wooden components, is comprised of the wood of the exotic tree, Jatoba. That is extraordinarily arduous and tough to process, being a precious wooden that’s as strong as steel. Oiling and time develop its exceptional character. The color is deeper and the grains are extra visible.

The front forks suspension turns easily into handlebars that end with massive horns. These are made of wood and form perfect protection for the hands. This can be notably important for a night or forest rider. Wood throttle levers make one line with the handlebars. The brake’s levers are reversed for higher management, whatever the hands’ position.



The Avionics battery was divided into two components. One half fits in the frame, the opposite (with the remainder of the electronics) is positioned in the wooden shaft. This solution let us install a 24 Ah battery made of high amperage industrial-grade li-ion cells.

The Battery Management System is accountable for battery safety. It protects cells from overcharge, over-discharge, and extreme current drain. Correctly maintained batteries offer a few hundred charging cycles. This gives the perspective of many years of trouble-free operation with a slight decrease in capability.

Depending on the driving style, the Avionics battery allows you to drive up to 120 km on one charge.


Range: 120 km (75 miles) autonomously
Charging time: 2.5 -3 hours
Max. speed: 25/45/58 km/h (36 mph)
Street Mode: Pedelec or S-Pedelec (Europe), Class 2 (USA)
Off-road Mode: 4,000 watt
Engine: brushless electric
Engine Power: 125 Nm
Battery: Lithium-Ion 27.6 Ah (1380 Wh)
Controller: Sinewave Controller
Recuperation: Brake energy recuperation
Frame: Steel /Cr Mo Stell
Brakes: HAYES MX Expert
Disc brakes: 203mm (8 inch) front and back
Wheels: 26 inch
Tires: 26×3.0 inch
Saddle: Wooden from Jatoba
Handgrips: Wooden grips from Jatoba

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