Angry Miao AM Compact Touch R2

Angry Miao, renowned for its innovative keyboard designs, has launched the AM Compact Touch R2, a keyboard that seamlessly blends the elegance of the HHKB with the practicality of a 65% layout. Let’s delve into the features that make this keyboard a standout choice for enthusiasts.

Enhanced Typing Experience with Touch Panel Integration

The AM Compact Touch R2 introduces a touch panel that replaces traditional arrow keys, offering users a more compact, symmetrical layout. This innovative feature allows for effortless operation of arrow functions without the need to move your wrist, enhancing both comfort and functionality.

Upgraded Glass Touch Panel for Superior Performance

Unlike its predecessor, the R2 model features a glass touch panel, enhancing sensitivity, touch accuracy, and durability while minimizing the risk of scratches. The Donut colorway variant even boasts an engraved touch panel, adding a touch of whimsy to its sleek design.

Triple-Shot ABS Keycaps: A Feast for the Eyes

The AM Compact Touch R2 in the Donut colorway introduces triple-shot ABS keycaps, elevating the aesthetic appeal of the keyboard. With designs inspired by delectable treats like Tiramisu and Black Forest Cake, these keycaps offer a unique visual experience.

Minimalistic Design Meets Premium Build Quality

The Snow Peak variant of the AM Compact Touch R2 features a white e-coat finish reminiscent of Apple’s iconic design ethos. Combined with specially ordered keycaps from Domikey, this keyboard exudes a minimalist elegance that seamlessly integrates into any desktop environment.

Customizable RGB Lighting for Personalized Style

For those seeking to add a pop of color to their setup, the AM Compact Touch R2 offers DIY RGB lighting options. Whether you prefer a subtle glow or a vibrant light show, the keyboard allows you to customize your desktop experience to suit your preferences.

Cutting-Edge Switch Technology for Optimal Performance

The AM Compact Touch R2 comes bundled with Icy Silver Pro switches, co-created with Tango for an exceptional typing experience. Paired with a Two-Stage Adjustable Leaf Spring Mount and upgraded internals, these switches deliver a satisfying blend of feel, sound, and RGB lighting.

Versatile Connectivity Options for Seamless Integration

Equipped with Tri-Mode 2.4G, Bluetooth, and wired connectivity options, the AM Compact Touch R2 offers flexibility and convenience for various usage scenarios. With automatic switching between Bluetooth and wired modes, users can effortlessly transition between devices.

Extended Battery Life and Wireless Charging Support

Featuring a 5000mAh battery, the AM Compact Touch R2 offers impressive battery life, with approximately 400 hours of usage in 2.4G mode with RGB turned off. Additionally, wireless charging support via CYBERMAT eliminates the hassle of frequent recharging, ensuring uninterrupted usage.

Tailored Solutions for HHKB Enthusiasts

To cater to HHKB enthusiasts, Angry Miao offers a split backspace PCB option, providing an authentic HHKB typing experience. Combined with Angry Miao’s layer and keymapping functionality, users can customize their keyboard layout to replicate the HHKB experience seamlessly.

Interchangeable Front Covers for Enhanced Customization

With two custom front cover options featuring RGB lighting, users can effortlessly switch between contrasting colorways to suit their mood or aesthetic preferences. Compatible with both the AM Compact Touch R1 and R2 models, these front covers offer enhanced versatility.


Angry Miao AM Compact Touch R2

The AM Compact Touch R2 represents the pinnacle of keyboard design, combining innovative features, premium build quality, and customizable options to cater to the needs of discerning enthusiasts. Whether you prioritize functionality, aesthetics, or performance, this keyboard offers a compelling solution that is sure to delight users.

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