Thanks to technological developments, minimalist structures, and entertainment tools have been started to be got involved in our living areas. In addition, people are also returning to architectural endeavor aimed at extending living and working space into the garden. One of these items is WorkPod and it’s been a huge hit so far!

The 98 square foot multipurpose WorkPod retains a level of versatility while adding a bevy of standard amenities. The small angled roof structure is also meant to be put together quickly and easily with only a few basic building skills and four workers in about a day. With pre-installed inputs for centralized heating and cooling, overhead lighting, and an integrated ventilation system, the Pod gives you a feeling more like a place of necessity than a shelter. Natural light and a view into the Pod’s interior are encouraged by floor-to-ceiling glass doors and a trio of vertical slit windows.

A layered combination of plywood, a sturdy wooden frame, insulating foam, bitumen, and a composite wood coating is used to form the structure. This sandwich of materials provides a sturdy and well-insulated interior that can “withstand fluctuating weather patterns year-round” in temperatures ranging from -60 to 122°F.

Additional enhancements can be implemented beneath the surface, which will appeal to individuals whose backyards aren’t quite right and aren’t precisely level. The entire building is supported by a 4-ton adjustable base system that can be lifted up to 4.5 inches for uneven terrain. To demonstrate the Pod’s versatility as a home expansion, companies advise using Workpod as a backyard office, meditation space, art studio, guest house, fun room, game room, kid’s headquarters, or small house. You can also be inspired by these thoughts to get and create a more usable space for you and your loved ones!

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