Wilier Triestina Urta Hybrid

Urta Hybrid is Wilier’s down-country eMTB with Fazua Ride60 motor that is taking part in the electric MTB market revolution. The pedal-assisted MTB category is evolving season after season, and the Urta Hybrid is a tangible example of the technological progress achieved thanks to lighter, high-performing materials combined with the most updated electric drive systems.

Less than 16 kg for the top-end setup: a record for its category.
Lightness means no need for high-power motors or large-capacity batteries. The Fazua Ride60 system is the optimal solution for fully preserving the nature and essence of an actual full-suspension carbon MTB: light and fast when climbing; swift, safe, and fun on descents. Meanwhile, on the flat, Urta Hybrid’s optimized weight provides a smooth ride with easy pedaling even without assistance, resulting in battery savings and, ultimately, increased range.

Urta Hybrid will be your ideal journey companion over trails, giving that extra boost that won’t leave you longing for your old full-suspension bike.

Wilier Urta Hybrid Features

Minimalist Design

Though it may look like a full-suspension down country MTB, the true beating heart of Urta Hybrid is hidden inside it. The new Fazua Ride60 pedalling assistance system is light, compact, silent and perfectly integrated within the frame. Thanks to an external auxiliary battery that can be fitted on the down tube (a solution that will still let you carry a bottle on the seat tube), the capacity of the system can be extended up to 640 Wh.

World Champion DNA

When developing Urta Hybrid, the starting point for Wilier’s Innovation Lab engineers was the URTA SLR, the full-suspension cross-country bike used by Simone Avondetto, winner of the 2022 XCO U23 World Championship. Though closely mirroring the racing version, the suspension kinematics in Urta Hybrid has been improved and further developed to meet the needs of an e- down-country bike. The rear shock link is integrated with the frame, providing extreme torsional stiffness and – not least – cleaner and sleeker aesthetics.

Compact, Safe, Powerful

The 120mm travel (both front and rear) and the aggressive geometries make Urta Hybrid compact, safe and powerful. In detail, the geometries feature a longer reach for keeping them centred and tucked within the frame, a 75° seat tube for increased responsiveness in the push stage, and a head tube angled at 66.5° for greater manoeuvrability.

Cable İntegration

The cables are routed within the frame thanks to two openings on the front of the head tube.

Dropper Seatpost

The dropper Seatpost KS Ragei is standard and it comes with all Urta Hybrid’s set-up.

Monocoque Handlebar

Like the Urta SLR version, Urta Hybrid is available with a 760mm-width Urta Bar monocoque carbon handlebar, in a choice of 3 stem lengths: 60, 75 or 90 mm. The frame/handlebar pairing in a single, highly integrated module adds superior performance thanks to its limited weight (150 grams lighter with Urta Bar) as well as increased comfort. The Urta Bar provides better vibration absorption compared to the traditional aluminium handlebar and stem.

  • Max motor power: 450 W
  • Motor torque: 60 Nm
  • Battery capacity: up to 640 Wh (430 Wh as standard + 210 Wh range extender)
  • Record lightweight: < 16 kg for top-end setup
  • Modern geometries
  • Dropper Seatpost as standard
  • Available with carbon handlebar setup

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