WaterField Designs’ Vision Pro Shield Case: A Compact and Protective Solution for Apple Vision Pro Users

WaterField Designs, a renowned San Francisco-based designer and manufacturer of custom laptop sleeves, bags, and cases, unveils its latest innovation: the Vision Pro Shield Case. Crafted in response to feedback from Apple Vision Pro early adopters, this bespoke case offers a compact and protective solution for users seeking easy portability without sacrificing protection.

Customer-Centric Development

Gary Waterfield, the owner of WaterField Designs, highlights the customer-centric approach behind the Vision Pro Shield Case’s development. Through extensive surveys and engagement with hundreds of Apple Vision Pro users, the company identified key priorities: compactness, solid protection, and a professional aesthetic. The result? A meticulously designed case that meets these demands and more.

Space-Saving Design

Leveraging the removable head straps of the Vision Pro headset, WaterField managed to significantly reduce the size of the Vision Pro Shield Case while ensuring optimal protection. The case snugly cradles the headset on one side, while a custom-fitted pouch, housing accessories such as chargers, cables, and cleaning cloths, rests on the other. This space-saving design not only enhances portability but also secures the headset in place while on the move.

Premium Protection

The Vision Pro Shield Case boasts a plush, padded interior that cushions against bumps and scratches, safeguarding the headset and accessories during transit. Surrounding the case is impact-resistant closed-cell foam, offering comprehensive protection against external forces. Additionally, a waterproof YKK zipper and fleece-lined interior provide an extra layer of defense, ensuring the contents remain scratch-free and secure.

Organized Storage

Organization is key, and the Vision Pro Shield Case excels in this aspect. The structured accessory pouch, nestled within the curve of the headset, keeps items neatly arranged and prevents shifting during transport. With designated pockets for Zeiss lenses, charging adapters, and more, users can effortlessly access their accessories while on the go.

Elegant Aesthetic

Beyond functionality, the Vision Pro Shield Case exudes sophistication with its choice of materials and design details. Available in vegan-friendly ballistic nylon or sumptuous full-grain leather, users can opt for a style that suits their preferences. The sleek exterior zippered pocket not only adds versatility but also features a discreet AirTag pocket for added security.

Community Collaboration

WaterField Designs’ commitment to customer collaboration is evident in its Community Design Program, which harnesses user feedback to refine product designs. The Vision Pro Shield Case is a testament to this collaborative approach, with significant enhancements made based on input from the Apple Vision Pro community.

Versatile Carrying Options

Whether for daily commutes or travel adventures, the Vision Pro Shield Case offers versatility in carrying options. A low-profile handle allows for quick grabs, while ½-inch D-rings enable attachment to an optional strap for crossbody-style carry. This flexibility ensures users can comfortably transport their Vision Pro headset and accessories wherever they go.

Availability and Pricing

The Vision Pro Shield Case is available for pre-order now, with shipping slated to begin in February. Prices start at $159 for the vegan version and $179 for the leather variant, offering users a choice of materials to suit their preferences. With dimensions of 7.5 x 7.75 x 5.25 inches and a volume of 5 liters, the case strikes the perfect balance between compactness and functionality.


WaterField Designs Vision Pro Shield Case

WaterField Designs’ Vision Pro Shield Case sets a new standard for compact and protective storage solutions for Apple Vision Pro users. With its customer-centric design, premium materials, and meticulous attention to detail, it offers users the ultimate combination of style and functionality. Whether for daily use or travel, this innovative case ensures that your Vision Pro headset and accessories are always well-protected and easily accessible.

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