Viewsonic PX704HD Projector

In a move that’s set to redefine home and business projection experiences, ViewSonic has just unveiled its latest innovation: the PX704HD projector. With a staggering 4,000 ANSI Lumens lamp, this projector promises to be a game-changer in the world of visual entertainment and professional presentations.

Crisp and Vibrant Visuals

The PX704HD boasts a remarkable 1080p Full HD resolution, ensuring that your visuals are not just bright but also incredibly crisp and vibrant. Whether you’re watching a movie at home or delivering a business presentation, this projector is designed to make every detail pop.

Exceptional Contrast

One of the standout features of this projector is its high native contrast ratio, achieved through the innovative 0.65” DMD chip. Even during those intense, low-light movie scenes, the PX704HD will captivate you with its stunning visuals, showcasing hidden details that you might have missed with other projectors.

Immersive Screen Size

With the capability to project a screen size of up to 300 inches, this projector offers an ultra-large projection that’s perfect for creating an immersive experience. Whether you’re hosting a movie night or conducting a large-scale business presentation, this projector has you covered.

Seamless Connectivity

Multimedia connectivity is a breeze with the PX704HD. Equipped with two HDMI ports, it allows you to effortlessly connect all your devices. Furthermore, the inclusion of a USB-A output for powering HDMI wireless dongles eliminates the need for extra adapters, making your setup hassle-free.

Perfect Alignment

Worried about the projector’s alignment? Don’t be. The PX704HD comes with an auto V keystone feature that ensures automatic image correction, maintaining perfectly aligned visuals, whether the projector is tilted up or down.

Effortless Maintenance

ViewSonic has also made maintenance a breeze. Updates can be easily managed using just a laptop and a USB cable. No need for complex procedures or additional equipment.

Viewsonic PX704HD Projector Key Features

  • 4,000 ANSI Lumens for brilliant images in any environment.
  • 1080p Full HD resolution for captivating and clear visuals.
  • A high native contrast ratio achieved through the 0.65” DMD chip.
  • The ability to project screen sizes of up to 300 inches for maximum entertainment.
  • Convenient multimedia access through dual HDMI ports and USB-A power supply.

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