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After many years of experience in the production of motorcycles for the youngest, in the Enduro and SuperMotard segments, the Italian company has decided to launch a new concept that will be premiered at EICMA: here comes X-Rude, the small crossover made in Valsassina.

Where did the idea come from? From a study that Marketing, in agreement with the Vent Design Laboratory, tackled in order to propose to a diversified audience, in a market that is definitely in turmoil, a 125 product that could satisfy the desires of young 16-year-olds, the first target audience for motorcycles of this displacement, and of the less young, who are increasingly inclined to approach the world of two wheels for the first time at a more adult age. Today’s market trend is, as we all know, decidedly oriented toward the crossover segment, i.e., motorcycles that “join” a wider type of use leading both on city asphalt as well as in riding more or less challenging dirt roads.

Vent, fresh from the launch of the 125 4-stroke models, which in terms of structure and performance are motorcycles that are also suitable for a more adult audience, thought of working on a motorcycle concept that would visually break away from tradition and break out of the brand’s traditional patterns. The result is a very visually appealing vehicle with equipment that is unmistakably reminiscent of today’s trends. X-RUDE really wants to win over a wide and diverse audience: from young people who use motorcycles for school or leisure to a more or less experienced target audience, who can enjoy riding a performance, reliable motorcycle with unmistakable style.

The name X-Rude is meant to emphasize the masculine character of this model conceived by Vent: it is rude in the name (from the English “rude”) and style. It winks at multiple segments, from Café Racers to Scramblers. It has a sleek style, with graphics and technical details that definitely connote it in a different dimension than the bikes available in the Vent range today. The size of the bike, although with a 125 engine, is significant.

X-Rude is designed for all users who choose both functionality and attractive aesthetics when selecting a two-wheeled vehicle.

From concept to production. X-Rude represents an innovation for VENT that definitely broadens the possible target audience. This is a model suitable for a male as well as a female target audience.

X-RUDE is based on the steel VENT 3.0 perimeter frame that has significant dimensions for displacement. The new design ensures greater stability and great comfort even for use with a passenger, definitely frequent on a 125. New is the suspension setting with 41 mm RSV16 upside-down fork and RSV16 rear mono-shock that express total comfort in both road and off-road use. Once again, the powerful 290 mm front and 220 mm rear Wave modulating brakes to offer powerful and modulating braking on all road surfaces. Increased braking safety is also provided by the Combined Braking System (CBS).

The beating heart of the X-RUDE is the new state-of-the-art Minarelli 125 4T Euro5 variable valve timing engine that enriches it with character. The electronic fuel injection system, Variable Valve Actuation, and slipper clutch give the bike enviable acceleration. The new head gives optimal combustion that results in more power, less fuel consumption, and fewer emissions resulting in lower running costs (50 km/l).

X-RUDE’s “cheeky” styling is highlighted by the vintage round headlamp, short fenders at the front and rear, a brown suede quilted seat that underscores its trendy character, and white plastics with Natural Style graphics that are very different from the VENT corporate colors.

X-RUDE will be available on the market in Spring 2023 at a tentative price of 5,000 euros.

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