Urwerk UR-112

Urwerk UR-112

Clocks are no longer just accessories that display time according to Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner. As a result, the duo launched Urwerk, which is a fringe brand of Swiss watchmaking that also leads the way in crafting cutting-edge designs. One of these designs being created lately is UR-112 Aggregat. The watch’s official name, the UR-112, relates to the way it combines different pieces to form a whole.

The previous designs that Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner introduced most recently, were the indications that these two are never afraid to embark on an adventure in watch design. And as you see, here is the new product UR-112 Aggregat. The display system and the energy it uses in addition to its incredible mechanism are very interesting.

Working with the familiar oscillation, that is, using kinetic energy, the watch continues to produce its power even in long-term stasis situations, which is the biggest problem of kinetic energy watches. The watch, which has two wind blades at the bottom, absorbs the pressure waves in the air, and these blades store the excess wind and use as much as it needs. No matter how long you put the watch in a still place, there will always be an airflow even inside the house, and it uses this power to work with the two small rotors under it.

Features of UR-112 Aggregat

Case: It measures 42mm wide by 51mm long by 16mm thick. It’s made of steel and titanium, and polished. It has a steel hunter-style hinged hood that is unlocked using unique pushers on the case band.

Display: Inside translucent sapphire crystal cylinders, digital jumping hours and minutes are presented on triangular aluminum prisms. Under the hinged hood, it also contains a digital jumping seconds display and an analog power reserve display.
Urwerk UR-112 Price: CHF 250,000 (approximately $274,000 USD)
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