UBCO 2X2 Adventure Motorbike

UBCO 2X2 Adventure Motorbike is the first vehicle that puts the riding experience at the center of its focus being all-wheel drive (AWD), lightweight, whisper quiet, and easy to ride. UBCO’s 2X2 platform leverages hardware, software, and firmware to create a one-of-a-kind rider experience that’s effortless to use on- and off-road.

Now available in white and black, the 2X2 Adventure motorbike is thoughtfully designed to provide a tougher, yet fun and easy-to-ride experience that is rare to find on the market. Unlike traditional motorbikes and dirt bikes, UBCO’s 2×2 Adventure motorbikes can be delivered to your door and are easy to self-maintain, while offering on- and off-road versatility and durability. Rather than trying to replicate the upper parameters of internal combustion performance, UBCO motorbikes create a different kind of performance, balancing the unique characteristics of electric transportation, scooter accessibility, motorcycle street prowess, and ATV toughness.

Equipped with a 1kW motor in each wheel, which work together to power through any terrain, the all-wheel-drive bike has a lightweight design allowing for easy transportation when attached to cars or trucks, with a weight of 155lbs (over three times lighter than the average motorbike). Built to last, its 7027 aluminum alloy frame and 316 stainless-steel components allow for a weatherproof and durable product, while continuously upholding UBCO’s iconic and minimalist design.

The motorbike’s strong alloy frame includes 19 different attachment points offering a range of options to safely secure cargo, tools, or equipment. Its tough, all-terrain design is ready to power through city streets, muddy fields, or gravel, even providing a great companion to extend Overlanding, RVing, and camping adventures.

The UBCO 2X2 Adventure motorbike starts at $6,999 (excl. tax)

UBCO 2X2 Adventure Motorbike Features

  • 0kph | 30mph Top speed
  • 66-71kg | 145-156lb Weight incl. power supply
  • 70-120km | 43-75mi Max Range
  • 4-6 hours Charge time (Includes Fast Charger)

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